Dearly Missed..


Dear Friday's Letters. Missed ya! It has been to long...
Dear Husband. Thanks for planning a date night this week. You always know exactly what I need.
Dear Sickness. I think 8 days is long enough for you to have been hanging around. I would like my energy back to. Oh, and my ability to breath would be great too. K, thanks.
Dear Houston. Now that you've perfected the word "daddy" lets work on "mommy", ok? I'm not jealous though, really. Also, I know you had pants on when we put you to bed last night. Why did you have none on when you woke up this morning? It won't be too much of a problem as long as you don't mess with the diaper.. Got it?
Dear New House. Wow. You are so much bigger than I realized. I still can't believe I live here. I am looking forward to putting everything in its place. Your walls are begging to be painted, and I promise we will get to them soon. I think the boxes left unpacked need to be tended to first!
Dear Kids. I am so proud of how well you've adjusted to our new home! It may be cheesy, but it really is true that home is wherever we are together.
Dear Readers. Thanks for sticking around. So blessed by every single one of you!

Brandy Jane Mabel




I love white. I would paint every piece of furniture and every wall in my house white if my husband would let me. Perhaps it is the safe or boring choice. To me, it is like a breath of fresh air. So crisp and clean. It doesn't demand too much attention yet it makes its presence known. It is my favorite color, or my favorite non-color. Here is some of my white love from my Pinterest boards..

sources: #1 #2 #3 #4 


Hello Spring?


Well, we welcomed spring in true Canadian style.. with a foot or so of snow! I won't complain though because it gave me the chance capture a bit of beauty. Yes, I said it. Snow can be beautiful. That doesn't mean I want it to stick around.

bits of splendor monday

No time but now..


Wow. I have missed this place. We have been busy with moving and getting our new place set up. I would like to say we are close to done, but I think that would be stretching it. We are getting there though, and I am excited with how the place is coming together. I am looking forward to sharing some pictures, hopefully soon! For now, I must try and find order in the chaos!


I also have to share a quick sneak peak of these cuties. Some of my dear friends have had babies recently and I was so privileged to be able to take some pictures of them. I haven't had time for editing them all, but I can't wait to get to the rest!

Baby Samuel.. 5 days old
 Baby Charisse.. 5 weeks old



So about 5 minutes after I posted this post yesterday about this purse...

My husband commented with this..
Best husband ever.. I'd say so.


I moved some stuff yesterday looking like this. No lie. 
This picture doesn't really do justice to how crazy I looked by the end because not all of the hair dye was in at this point.

I had to work dying my hair into this crazy moving week somehow. I loaded up my van, drove to the new house, and unloaded the vehicle. All with this fine look going on, cape and all. I can't imagine what people must have thought. I am sure if any of the new neighbors caught a glimpse they are a little leery of what kind of crazy is moving in next door! It was all worth it though because I am now happily a red head!

For the love of shoes & cameras..


I haven't been taking many pictures lately. Probably due to the fact that we've been busy with the move and just life in general, but I have to say, I miss it. I love capturing silly moments like this. On a side note, I have been carrying my camera around just thrown in my purse with tons of other random stuff, and I pulled it out the other day and my lens (my FAVORITE lens-50mm 1.8) was broken! The front was all crooked and twisted, and I could see some metal part sticking out. I was heartbroken to say the least. My husband grabbed it and kind of just smacked it all back in to place and it worked! I couldn't believe it! I was so relieved, but I think it is definitely time to invest in one of these..
Amazing right.. 
I know.
go HERE to see more of these gorgeous bags.

Made New..


 if anyone is in Christ,
he is a new creation,
the old has gone,
the new has come.
2 Corinthians 5:17

I love new things. There is just something so exciting about opening something for the first time. Fresh, crisp bed sheets; an empty journal waiting to be filled; a new box of crayons for my kids.. In their prime. Ready, just waiting to be used. We are made that way by the grace of our Lord! He has washed us clean, made us new. There are days that I definitely forget my newness and take on the old. Take on the dirt, the unclean. Take on the weight of all the things I lack in and of myself. However, I am made new.. Perfectly formed for the purpose the Lord is calling me to. I cast off the old, and I remind myself that the Lord makes up for my lack. He fills in all that is missing. So, I am ready..

Are you ready to be used?

Peaches & Pinks


We will be in our new place by the weekend, and I am getting so eager to make the place feel like home as quickly as possible! Because we are buying my Dad's house I have been able to go over there often and dream up all sorts of plans and ideas.

original image {via}

I found this beautiful arrangement and I have pulled some colors from it to use as inspiration for our new dining room. I love the softness of this combination of colors together. The peachy-pinks are so warm, and I think if we pair it with some rough & rustic wood pieces it will be perfect! My husband and is not really the biggest fan of all the pink.. yet.. I am sure there will have many more ideas to come. Stay tuned friends. I will post pictures as we make progress..

bits of splendor monday

A to ZZZZ...


Age: 29 30 29... Nevermind..
Bedsize: Queen, but we are upgrading to king in our new place! WOOT WOOT
Chores that youhate: Cleaning the bathtub.. I hate it. Even more than cleaning toilets. Not sure why..
Dogs:  No. Thank goodness. I used to want to be a veteranarian, but somewhere along the way I went from loving animals to, well, not loving them. 
Essential start toyour day:  Coffee.
Favorite color: White.. Seriously. I am afraid of color.
Gold or Silver: Right now, gold
Height: 5"4'.. My sister was blessed with the height in the family.. and the long eye lashes.. I'm not bitter though.
Instruments you play: None well :)
Job title: Mom and all the many titles that comes with.
Kids: 3. Sienna(5), Coen(3), Houston(1)
Live: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. 
Mother's Name: Sandra.. (her first name is actually Marlene, but she's always gone by Sandra) 
Nicknames: Oh goodness.. Bran, Branflakes, Allbran, B-diddy, Bran muffin, anythingelseyoucanthingofrelatingtoBRAN, whiskey, and many more I can't think of right now.
Overnight hospital stays: 3 C-sections..
Pet peeves:  Chewing with your mouth open. Gross. And loud eaters of any kind. Basically I think people should eat as quietly as possible. PLEASE.
Quote from a movieor tv show:  My brain honestly does not store this type of stuff. I can see a movie for the first time twice.. 
Right or Lefty:  Right.
Siblings: 1 beautiful older sister.
Time you wake up:  Whenever the kids get up. I have this idea of being up at 7 every morning whether the kids are up or not but it hasn't happened yet.
Underwear:  Umm.. really..
Vegetable you hate:  I can't really think of one. I am sure there must be one out there I don't like.. 
What makes you runlate
: My husband..
X-Rays You've Had:  Too many to list.
Yummy food you make:  Bahahaha.. Worst cook e.v.e.r. right here.
Zoo Animal:  Penguins all the way. They are so stinkin cute. Also, they make me laugh cause my husband thought that penguins were human size. We once saw one and he said, "look, there is a miniature penguin." Laughed so hard in his face.. I am a good wife, really.

I know this is hardly "embracing the camera".. I tried..

Love is First..


Something happened today that caused me to break down and cry. Not just a few tears.. I bawled like a baby. I handed Houston a banana and he looked up and me and said "tank ooo." Just like that. Just like a big boy. I thought this break down would come last Friday, not today. See, last Friday Houston turned 18 months old. I felt a looming dread as the day approached. For some reason 18 months seemed much harder than his 1st birthday. Friday passed though, and as it ended I thought to myself that I had handled it very well. I guess it didn't hit me until today.. I know this all probably sounds strange. Why would 18 months be something sad? Why would a child learning manners produce a well of tears? Well, because it is my last baby leaving babyland. I am so thankful to have 3 happy, healthy, growing children, but there is a  part of me that is mourning. Mourning the moments of those little firsts I love to watch my littles experience. They go by, never to be firsts again. There will be new firsts, many of them. The first firsts are pretty special though..

Life goes on, I know.

I am grateful..

For every first, and second, and third...

Conversations with Sienna


The other day I was talking to my daughter Sienna while we were driving. We had one of those conversations I love. Another teachable moment like this one. Our conversation went a little like this..

S: I don't want to move out when I get married.
Me: Why not?
S: I will miss you.
Me: I will miss you too. Maybe you could just live close by?
S: Like next door?
Me: Maybe!
S: I am going to pray I live next door.
Me: Ok!
S: Dear Jesus, please let me live next door to mom when I get married. Amen
Me: Sienna, do you know that God tells us to not worry about ANYTHING. He's got the perfect plan for us! He will take care of everything you worry about. So, if you listen to all that He tells you, guess what? You will end up in the PERFECT place. Even if it is not next door to mommy and daddy, Jesus will be making sure that you are taken care of, ok?
S: Ok, but I am still going to pray I live next door.
Me: Ok, I would love that..

I love these moments when I get to teach something valuable to my kids. I want these things engrained in her character. I want her trust in the Lord to be deep and unmoving. More than anything I pray that I can be an example of all these things for her. I've got some work to do!

My Sienna is a clever one. Here are a few other conversations we've had lately...

Me: Sienna, can you please stop growing.
S: I can't stop my birthday. That is up to God.
Me: Please?
S: I need to keep growing so I can get married!  (she associates growing up with getting married.. not sure why..)

S: Maybe you could paint my house a rainbow house?
Jeremy: What about a polk-a-dot house?
S: No, that would be silly.

Oh, how I love her..

bits of splendor monday

3 weeks today! (oh Dear)


Dear Husband. 3 weeks. We move in 3 weeks. Just saying.
Dear House. You've returned to your pre-showing-ready state. I'm ok with that. Our home is lived in and it should look that way.
Dear Mom. Sorry I accidentally put your phone number down for those kijiji adds so you had random people calling your house asking to buy your stuff. I fixed it, don't worry.
Dear Coen. You know better than to color all over your toys and your legs with marker. Don't think your little smirk will get you out of trouble every time. It might have worked this time but it won't the next time, hopefully.
Dear Girls' Small Group. Thanks for letting me come speak and hang out with you last night. I was totally blessed. Beautiful people you all are. Inside and out.
Dear Blog Friends/Readers. I love ya'll. A lot.
Dear Jesus. I am so blown away by your faithfulness. You've blessed us with so much. I pray that we will use all you have given us to be a blessing to others.



How does it look? Blog design for the indecisive can be difficult. I had a general idea of what I wanted my little blog here to look like, but actually committing to something was a challenge. I think I designed about 20 headers before I was finally satisfied. Once I got that down though the rest just came together! With all that said, I have actually really enjoyed this learning curve! It is fun to create pretty things (and some not so pretty things).

When I asked my husband what he thought he said it was "girly"..



We are going to have a pajama day here. It is cold and snowing out. I would like to think I will be productive and start packing, but I have a feeling I am just going to take it easy and hang out with my 3 loves...


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