A to ZZZZ...


Age: 29 30 29... Nevermind..
Bedsize: Queen, but we are upgrading to king in our new place! WOOT WOOT
Chores that youhate: Cleaning the bathtub.. I hate it. Even more than cleaning toilets. Not sure why..
Dogs:  No. Thank goodness. I used to want to be a veteranarian, but somewhere along the way I went from loving animals to, well, not loving them. 
Essential start toyour day:  Coffee.
Favorite color: White.. Seriously. I am afraid of color.
Gold or Silver: Right now, gold
Height: 5"4'.. My sister was blessed with the height in the family.. and the long eye lashes.. I'm not bitter though.
Instruments you play: None well :)
Job title: Mom and all the many titles that comes with.
Kids: 3. Sienna(5), Coen(3), Houston(1)
Live: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. 
Mother's Name: Sandra.. (her first name is actually Marlene, but she's always gone by Sandra) 
Nicknames: Oh goodness.. Bran, Branflakes, Allbran, B-diddy, Bran muffin, anythingelseyoucanthingofrelatingtoBRAN, whiskey, and many more I can't think of right now.
Overnight hospital stays: 3 C-sections..
Pet peeves:  Chewing with your mouth open. Gross. And loud eaters of any kind. Basically I think people should eat as quietly as possible. PLEASE.
Quote from a movieor tv show:  My brain honestly does not store this type of stuff. I can see a movie for the first time twice.. 
Right or Lefty:  Right.
Siblings: 1 beautiful older sister.
Time you wake up:  Whenever the kids get up. I have this idea of being up at 7 every morning whether the kids are up or not but it hasn't happened yet.
Underwear:  Umm.. really..
Vegetable you hate:  I can't really think of one. I am sure there must be one out there I don't like.. 
What makes you runlate
: My husband..
X-Rays You've Had:  Too many to list.
Yummy food you make:  Bahahaha.. Worst cook e.v.e.r. right here.
Zoo Animal:  Penguins all the way. They are so stinkin cute. Also, they make me laugh cause my husband thought that penguins were human size. We once saw one and he said, "look, there is a miniature penguin." Laughed so hard in his face.. I am a good wife, really.

I know this is hardly "embracing the camera".. I tried..


  1. I'm glad someone else shares my distaste for loud eaters. It affects me to the point that I have to plug my ears. And sadly, my husband is the LOUDEST eater of ALL. We eat with music playing.

    1. haha.. eating with music on. Genius!

  2. Creative photo perspective! Hope you can keep embracing the camera!

  3. Beautiful photo! I also hate cleaning the bathtub. I think it has to do with the awkwardness of leaning over the edge and scrubbing. blech.

  4. Oh man, you are afraid of color, I don't believe it! Aww you can do it!

    We are the same height:) and I have an older sister too! I didn't realize you were in Canada Brandy! How beautiful! Fun to get to know you more, love it.

  5. I agree on the loud eating... food should be not seen or heard. ;)

    Found your beautiful blog from Gina's. Love your style, missy. Have a lovely weekend!


  6. Emperor Penguins are over 4 feet tall, once again, P Jer was right. Sorry.



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