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skirt love

Ashley seems to have inspired me a little.. I am now on the lookout for the perfect light, long, flowing skirt! I don't think I will have much time to shop with all the packing and moving I have to complete in the next few weeks, but I am determined to find the perfect skirt before the snow melts (which could be April or could be June.. lol) I made this nifty little inspiration board over at Polyvore. Have you heard of it? It is a pretty neat little place although it tends to be a big time waster so I don't allow myself to head over there too often!

{gazing on goodness}


There are moments in life when I feel so divinely cared for.. Moments when I know that nothing should have worked out as it has, but because of God's grace and goodness things turn out better than I could have ever anticipated.. I know, God is good all the time, but sometimes I get so distracted by the not so good I lose focus. 
Time to fix my gaze..



Wow.. I had such a great time doing this photoshoot with Ashley. It left me feeling like I've still got lots of learning to do when it comes to photography, but that is a good thing. Ashley is such a natural in front of the camera! I ended up with so many beautiful shots I had a hard time narrowing down which ones to share with you all! Enjoy, and let me know which shot is your favorite.. 

This is my favorite from the day..

Sweet Shot Day

Dear Adventure..


Dear Husband. Looking so forward to getting over all this crazy. We are so tremendously blessed, and hopefully soon we will be able to slow down and
Dear Bedtime. You will surely be the cause if every.single grey hair I ever have. You would think that kids would realize that bedtime is inevitable. It happens EVERY NIGHT so why must it be so traumatic?
Dear Houston. How are you so cute even when you are being outright defiant? Your "no" makes me laugh every time. I also find it funny how you steal you siblings toys and run away. You already know you are causing trouble. I am sure it won't stay cute for long and we will have to start working on your listening skills soon!
Dear Ashley. I am so excited to edit your pictures. I had so much fun on our adventureThanks for being my model (and a stunning one at that), and thanks for helping me be brave enough to trespass on people's property. I am glad that we did end up getting permission to be there though. I think I made a friend with a barn. WOOT. Well, maybe not friend, but I know I won't get shot if I go there.. so I will go back. Here is a sneak peak of your amazingness..




My first official guest poster here people! I am so thrilled to be able to share a little of my space with Mckenzie. Have you met Mckenzie yet?

This girl has got it all.. She is a crafty one (in a good way of course). Her and her husband had an amazing DIY Christmas.. {see PART 1, PART 2, PART 3}, she has got great style and is already more domesticated than I am.. {see HERE}, and her faith in Christ is so evident in her life {see HERE
Even though she makes me feel old I really like her.. REALLY.. SO read this post then


Hello, folks!

I'm Mckenzie Jean, from over at Basil

If you follow my blog, you'll know that its typically a far cry from anything serious. I like trying to create a space where people can come and smile, and if I'm lucky, laugh. 

But this post will be somewhere in the middle. 

I'd love to share my testimony with you all!
The ultra condensed version, that is. 

Lets just jump right in.

I'm the youngest of four. 
I've grown up going to church.
And I loved it…mainly for the friends I'd met. 

I loved going. Met so many incredible people, that I was sure I'd be friends with for the rest of my life. Friendships that began as early as elementary school, and continued well into high school. 

I loved going to church and seeing these wonderful people.

But I also had a large group of friends from school. 

I hate admitting that I was slightly different with each group.

I always stuck to my guns when it came to the "important stuff" morally, but I always loosened the reigns a bit more when it came to everything else. 

Something (some would argue "God" ; ) ) inside of me always kept me from getting too close to that line, though. And I'm so thankful there was. 

Because then in High School I met this boy. 

and he needed me, in a way I couldn't imagine. 

God was about to use me in a way I never saw coming. 

We started dating. 
He was the typical "bad boy"
(come on girls, you know exactly what I'm talking about)

the one with Robert Plant hair,
the one that spent his days at the skate park
the one that was in a band and played shows around town.
The one that got a tattoo for his 16th birthday.

The one most parents are not completely thrilled that their teenage daughter is bringing home…

But God had everything right where he wanted it. 

We dated, I fell head over heels, and it was two months before we knew this would be a forever kind of love. 

but then it happened, God swept in and wanted to get Davids attention. He loved David and wanted David to love him back. We were at the age where we both could have been easily influenced. I could have just as easily adapted the lifestyle of my boyfriend and friends, but God took care of me, and he took care of David. 

So, he used what David loved most to grab his attention, me. 

Like a light switch one day, God turned my feelings for David off. 

I broke up with him, confused as can be as to why I feel so suddenly out of love. 

I explained to David that I needed someone who loved Jesus, it was the most important thing to me, even if I wasn't good at living my life consistently like that. 

Eventually I couldn't help it anymore, and we got back together. 

But God wasn't ready for that.

So two more times I broke up with him.

Right before we got back together the last time, David told me he had fallen in love with Jesus again. He said unlike the other times, that this time, it wasn't for me. It was because it was what he had chosen. 

From that point on we have been able to grow together with God. We stumble upon the way, quite frequently. But God is so good. So forgiving, and we're so undeserving. 

We have a long way to go, but I'm glad we get to learn together. 


I do have to tell you all I laughed to myself as soon as I read Mckenzie's post because I sing a song to the youth in my youth group that goes "don't date til you graduate".. Well, Mckenzie may not have followed my rules, but God worked it all out for His good, and I truly believe that these 2 are going to do some amazing things for the Lord as they keep Him in the center of their lives!

Thanks so much Mckenzie!!

I am here.. kind of..

Wow.. It has been a while. My absence is due to one crazy week we've had. The flu worked its way through our house 1 by 1, me included. Not pretty. Not that I want my kids to be sick at all, but if they have to be it would be nice to get it all done and over with in one night rather than 3 separate nights.. and why does the throwing up always happen at night instead of the day? Strange. Anyways, we all made it through!

We also had 2 open houses over the weekend. It is hard to keep 3 young kids in the house while trying to keep it showing ready. Lets just say they watched a lot of movies..
The good news..
We accepted an offer on our house this week! YES! We are so pleased with the couple buying our place. A young couple with their first baby on the way. It feels easier to let go when I know this house will be a blessing to a new young family. It made all the work we put in worth it, even though we won't be the ones to enjoy it.

Anyways, I am hoping to keep up a little more around here but we'll see. I now have only 4 weeks to get all packed and moved. Oi..

Here are a few pictures of my wonderful kids who have put up with so much crazy around here the past few weeks. I will be glad to set up our new house and find our new normal soon!

and then, she {snapped}

One of those days..


I dropped my toast on the floor peanut-butter-side down. 
I almost cried.

and then, she {snapped}



We love because He first loved us.
1 John 4:19

The Finished Product {Valentine's Card}


Here it is!

Happy Valentine's Day!


A few weeks ago a friend showed me a picture of the Valentine's cards she had made. They were so cute I decided to steal her idea for Sienna's classmates! I figured I would easily be able to find an example for you all on Pinterest.. the gathering place for all good ideas.. and I did!

Source: via Celia on Pinterest

Cute right?
So I made this...

...and now I am just waiting for my husband to return with the suckers! I'm excited to see the finished product! I have never been one to enjoy Valentine's Day. I find it too cheesy, but seeing it through the eyes of my little girl has given it a new feeling.. What a great opportunity to teach her to love more, to love fully, and to let Christ's love be poured out!


Dear Patience..


Dear Friday. You kind of feel like Monday.
Dear future owner of my house. Please hurry. Although it is nice having my house be so clean all of the time I am not actually getting to enjoy it because I have to be out of the house in order for it to stay clean! The sooner the better. I am ready to be done with this process and move on with my life. K, thanks.
Dear New House. I can't wait to live in you, decorate you, and make you our home!
Dear Me. Stop being so impatient. Don't you always feel like God is teaching you lessons in this area? When will you get the point?

Dear Houston. I am so sorry Mommy has had to let you 'cry it out'. I have just reached a place where I can not function with such little sleep. You have done so good though, and I think we've gotten through the worst of it. You will see how much better life will be for all of us when we all have good nights!
Dear Jeremy. God is so good. Many amazing things are happening for us this year, and I look forward to sharing in the adventures with you. xxoo
Dear Readers/Friends. Thanks for sticking with me around here. Things have been so crazy for me so I apologize to those I haven't had to chance to respond to! I appreciate you all..

Brandy Jane Mabel


A Winter Fire..


What I love..

Winter fires. I don't love winter.. but winter fires.. they're nice. What makes them even nicer? Standing around the fire with our youth group. My husband and I are so blessed to be able to Pastor such vibrant young people. I am so grateful that God would allow me to have influence into their lives. I love and cherish every one of them, and I can't wait to see them do amazing things for our Lord!

What I also love..
That Mckenzie over at Basil let me guest post today! You can find it HERE! You really should check it out cause I may or may not have posted some embarrassing pictures of myself..

Where memories live..


It is so hard to believe that we moved into our beloved house a short  2 and half years ago. We were so blessed and in awe of the Lord making a way for us to be able to own our very own house! When we got it, it wasn't very pretty, but the bones were good. Since we had previously renovated our townhouse, we quickly saw the potential this outdated box held..

Here are some Before & Afters...
{please pardon some of the blurry before pictures.. they weren't taken by me}

We put much love, time, and energy into making this house our home and we have loved it. God, however, has opened another door for us so we are moving again! I am praying that this is our last move for a long.long.long time. We are moving to a house that is much bigger and in a much better location for us. It requires a bit of updating but no extensive renovations. We are so excited, yet there is a lingering sadness when I think of leaving this house where my kids spent their little years..

So, we are moving just as we have finished all our work here. Isn't that life? Pray for me friends as I attempt to keep a clean showing-ready house with my 3 little ones.. Impossible you say? Possibly, but I'm gonna give it a go.. although I'm only a few days in and already feel near death. Here's to a quick sale.

This is why I have been so absent around here lately.. I've been I can't wait to get back into some routine!

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