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It is so hard to believe that we moved into our beloved house a short  2 and half years ago. We were so blessed and in awe of the Lord making a way for us to be able to own our very own house! When we got it, it wasn't very pretty, but the bones were good. Since we had previously renovated our townhouse, we quickly saw the potential this outdated box held..

Here are some Before & Afters...
{please pardon some of the blurry before pictures.. they weren't taken by me}

We put much love, time, and energy into making this house our home and we have loved it. God, however, has opened another door for us so we are moving again! I am praying that this is our last move for a long.long.long time. We are moving to a house that is much bigger and in a much better location for us. It requires a bit of updating but no extensive renovations. We are so excited, yet there is a lingering sadness when I think of leaving this house where my kids spent their little years..

So, we are moving just as we have finished all our work here. Isn't that life? Pray for me friends as I attempt to keep a clean showing-ready house with my 3 little ones.. Impossible you say? Possibly, but I'm gonna give it a go.. although I'm only a few days in and already feel near death. Here's to a quick sale.

This is why I have been so absent around here lately.. I've been cleaning.cleaning.cleaning. I can't wait to get back into some routine!


  1. Good luck! I'd buy your house if I could!

  2. Oh your house is absolutely gorgeous, I love what you've done with it! You will be able to turn another house into a home - no problem :-)

  3. I will keep praying over this Brandy, for sure! So how come you guys are moving? Are you moving close by?
    I so hope you can sell, it looks AMAZING!!! I would want to live there!

    1. We are moving not to far from where we are now, but we will be the bussing district for my daughter's school which will be SO nice!
      Thanks for your prayers! They are greatly appreciated..

  4. You and Jeremy have a real "eye" for seeing beyond first impressions. I would have had a hard time buying that house before you got your hands on it because all I would have been able to see was the dated, old-fashioned layout and style. You guys breathed such life and beauty into that place! Now, who wouldn't want to buy it? I think you'll have a very quick sale!

  5. oh my goodness! This is fabulous!
    Girl you need to get on HGTV, stat.

  6. your house is so beautiful. but yes it would figure good has new plans for you once you finish.

  7. Oh wow, what a LOVELY update. Holy cow. I would love to do this someday, if I need to. However, I wouldn't want to then move right after it's all done. I love your palate coffee table, maybe you said this somewhere on your blog one time, but did you sand it down or seal it or anything like that too keep slivers from happening? I really like how you tore down the wall btwn the rooms. Good move.

  8. WOw , looks amazing!! Just found your blog! New to the blog world but definitely a new follower ; )



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