A Winter Fire..


What I love..

Winter fires. I don't love winter.. but winter fires.. they're nice. What makes them even nicer? Standing around the fire with our youth group. My husband and I are so blessed to be able to Pastor such vibrant young people. I am so grateful that God would allow me to have influence into their lives. I love and cherish every one of them, and I can't wait to see them do amazing things for our Lord!

What I also love..
That Mckenzie over at Basil let me guest post today! You can find it HERE! You really should check it out cause I may or may not have posted some embarrassing pictures of myself..


  1. Fire is amazing! A powerful reminder of God's presence.

  2. Hey there! I just found your blog, and is it weird to say that after just a few posts, I'm in love? I love those pictures from your photography workshop thing below, and your newly renovated house looks absolutely dreamy.

    Love, your newest follower,


  3. Oh I can only imagined how blessed those kids are to have you both! This is HUGE! And I love your pics, what else is new?! xoxoxoxo

  4. I love winter fires, we did this over the weekend and enjoyed it! It really is one of God's wonders of the world. Loving you blog girl and enjoy reading your posts !
    New follower!


  5. Ah, you are making me want to build a bon fire! I love them any time of year! :)

    PS: I found you via Mackenzie....I love her blog, so now I'm sure I'm going to love yours too!



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