Oh Brother..


bits of splendor monday

Dear World..


Dear World. I have many exciting things in the works. I am looking forward to sharing some new stuff with you all soon, but first I have to get through this next week which is set to be crazy busy. Busy is good though! So for now, I leave you in suspense, although I will share a little peek of my last adventure with my amazing adventure friend Ashley..

Have a blessed weekend friends! xo


I love this picture..


I love this picture.

It will forever remind me that he was my late walker, refusing to be put down til he was ready. It will forever remind me of his crooked walk and how he sways his head from side to side with every step. It will forever remind me of how he tumbles clumsily to the ground every few strides and how he gets right back up to keep on his way. It will forever remind me of how he must be where the action is, moving as quickly as he can to wherever something is happening so as not to miss a thing. It will forever remind me of so many things I love about him..

I love this picture.

No end..


 "There is no end to the affection that you have for me"

Lora from Eager Hands shared this video and this line captured my attention. How I love to think on the Father's love. How wide, how deep, how endless it is. How it covers all of me. My good and my bad. It truly is what completes me.. Actually, it is what caused me to have life in the first place. I was formed with love. Fashioned with care. Created with purpose. So were you...

Dear Color..


I may be loving you a little..

vintage color



Keep following..


When my husband and I got married we knew God was calling us to full-time ministry. Our young hearts wanted nothing more than to answer that call. We didn't know then what exactly it was to look like or where God was taking us, so we just followed. Step by step. I am so thankful when I look back and see how He has cared for us and made a way for us. The best part though is that He is not done with us yet. Our journey is not over. God has not stopped calling and leading us. Our heart's desire still is to serve Him.. Step by step..

Love this dude..


Love is the center..


I saw a picture of a beautiful center piece the other day. It had a crystal clear jar filled with perfectly placed flowers inside, surrounded by greenery and glowing candles. Stunning.. It got me thinking though. How much time, how much effort was invested in that center piece? How much thought went into picking the colors that complimented each other and placing everything just so? How much stress was felt over making sure it came out just right? My train of thought continued.. Who were the people sitting around that center piece? Did they feel as important as that arrangement they sat around? Were they being considered as thoughtfully and invested in on a personal level? Did they feel loved and cared for?

Don't get me wrong.. I love pretty things. I am aware that time invested in making something beautiful can be a part of showing how much you care about people..

There was a time in life that I was hesitant to put out an effort to have people over or to show hospitality because I was afraid that what I had to offer wasn't enough. I am not a good cook or a fancy party planner. I love people though. I love sharing life with others. The wife of the founding Pastor of our church once said to me that people don't care what your house looks like, they care that you invest in them, love them, and take interest in their lives. I have held onto those words. I live by those words. While I still desire to one day be a domestic diva of sorts, I desire more to spread love and encourage others. When you love and care for those surrounding you it doesn't really matter what the center piece looks like..

Source: oncewed.com via Amanda on Pinterest

On the road..


Dear Photo Booth


Dear Husband. Soon the painting will end. Soon the fixing will end. Soon the unpacking will end. Soon we will just be able to sit and enjoy. I can't wait for soon..
Dear Weather. You dumped snow on us last week, you are raining today, and you are supposed to bring us slushy snow tonight. Don't think you can get away with too much more of this just because you took it easy on us this winter. We are ready for spring. Bring it..
Dear Kids. Three nights in a row all of you have slept. That means that mommy has had 3 nights in a row of uninterrupted sleep. Thank you. Mommy is feeling better already so let's keep it up! Also, I am looking forward to spending the weekend with you guys doing some special stuff since I have to leave you for 2 days next week to go to the Pastor's conference. It is hard for me to be away from you guys, but I know you are going to have so much fun with Mimi and Papa!
Dear Sleep. I am looking forward to being reacquainted with you. Lets be friends again, okay?
Dear Jesus. I continue to be overwhelmed with gratefulness towards you. You are more than faithful. You are more than good. You are always more than enough for me.
Dear Photo Booth. Thanks for the fun!




1. Houston just sitting on my desk. Happens all the time. I find him on the counter, on the table, on the dresser.. No joke. Boys a climber.

2. Tried to take a picture with all 3 kids.. This is the best one..

3. Tried to take a picture with Houston.. He wasn't impressed..

4. Sienna and I at Chucky Cheese.. This is where we ended up yesterday. Not quite the adventure I was planning but an adventure none the less! At least this little lady will pose with me!

Pez and the unknown..


I've spent my morning so far filling Pez dispensers for my kids. A sweet gift from some sweet friends of ours. Candy in the morning is okay, right? Now as I type I hear them playing make-believe with their new tasty toys.. It's a good sound. Later I am sure that there will be some whining and fighting sounds, so for now I will take this in.

I am craving some adventure today. Perhaps the kids and I will venture somewhere with camera in hand.. It has been a while since I have just driven with no destination like I did HERE and HERE.. I've learned so much more about photography since then. I am looking forward to the bright colors of spring and all that it brings. New life. New inspiration. We have had quite a bit of snow this past week.. Nothing new for us, but I am praying that is the last of it. Who knows what this day will bring!

Left In Neutral..


I seem to have so many thoughts floating through my head lately. So much so it seems that none of them seem to make sense anymore. There are times when I think too hard, too much, usually about things that in the end aren't really important. I once heard a very wise woman say that she never wants her mind to be left in 'neutral'. This is so true to me right now. Even though there is much going on in my mind I must be sure that I do not just let things stay that way. I must drive my thoughts. I must point them in the right direction, aligning them with the Word of God.

What do you do when?


What do you do when you've just moved and your kids are bored? You threw out most of their craft stuff when you moved because it just seemed silly to bring all of the broken crayons and such along. Well, I make do and use what I have. What do I have? Some colored paper, a little glue, and some socks with no pairs to be found..

So, what would you do?

bits of splendor monday



This is his picture smile. Epic? Yes...

Storm thoughts..


Last night I was laying in bed and the wind was howling outside my window. For some reason it reminded me of when I was young. Whenever there was a wind storm or thunder storm I would lay in bed for hours, terrified, unable to sleep. In my young mind that wind was strong enough to blow the roof right off my house. So I would just lay there, watching and waiting for the storm to end. Last night was different though. As I layed there listening to the wind, I didn't feel any fear. Instead, I felt thankful. Immensely thankful to have a warm house to protect me from the elements.

As I thought on this more, I began to think on this in a spiritual sense. There are "storms" that we face everyday in life, and when storms or trials come, fear can so easily arise within us. Fear of the unknown. Fear of losing control. We must remember, however, when a storm may be brewing around us we can thankfully rest in the fact that we are safe in the hands of our Father God! When we are surrendered to Him here is no storm strong enough to separate us.

Little Joys..


Sienna had a spring concert recently at her school. The girl lives for this stuff. She is such a little performer! My favorite part of the evening though was at home before we even left for the concert. Jeremy brought flowers home for our little star! She was beaming. So proud to receive a bouquet picked especially for her. I love how such little things just light up her day. It is the simple things that please her. She expresses joy so loudly, feels it so deeply, and spreads it so freely. I want to be more like her.

bits of splendor monday

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