Left In Neutral..


I seem to have so many thoughts floating through my head lately. So much so it seems that none of them seem to make sense anymore. There are times when I think too hard, too much, usually about things that in the end aren't really important. I once heard a very wise woman say that she never wants her mind to be left in 'neutral'. This is so true to me right now. Even though there is much going on in my mind I must be sure that I do not just let things stay that way. I must drive my thoughts. I must point them in the right direction, aligning them with the Word of God.


  1. it's very very true hon, we are either going backwards or forwards, not just being idle...that gets us nowhere...Christ is a God of transformation!!! And we are partners with Him as we give him our thoughts, words, and actions, and aligning ourselves with Him minute by minute, abiding in His Truth and beauty, seeking more and more wisdom and love...xo

  2. I needed to read this verse today. Thanks.



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