Pez and the unknown..


I've spent my morning so far filling Pez dispensers for my kids. A sweet gift from some sweet friends of ours. Candy in the morning is okay, right? Now as I type I hear them playing make-believe with their new tasty toys.. It's a good sound. Later I am sure that there will be some whining and fighting sounds, so for now I will take this in.

I am craving some adventure today. Perhaps the kids and I will venture somewhere with camera in hand.. It has been a while since I have just driven with no destination like I did HERE and HERE.. I've learned so much more about photography since then. I am looking forward to the bright colors of spring and all that it brings. New life. New inspiration. We have had quite a bit of snow this past week.. Nothing new for us, but I am praying that is the last of it. Who knows what this day will bring!


  1. I'm just learning the whole photography thing, but I love going on adventures with my little guy... camera in hand :)

  2. just found your blog fom Contemplating Beauty and i love it, and your kiddos are THE cutest!

  3. Candy is a MUST for this girl's mornings. I've had about 10 pieces of Easter chocolate already! ha.




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