Country and Camera


This past weekend my wonderful husband arranged for me to have a few hours to myself. Now, normally when this happens I wander around feeling totally lost, and I usually end up going home long before my time is up. But this time I knew exactly what I wanted to do, so I grabbed my camera and ran (yes, ran, it had been a  LONG time since I had been by myself) out the door!

See, my camera and I need to get better acquainted. It was just given to me as a 29th 30th birthday gift. I am loving it so far, and really enjoying learning to use it.

My initial plan was to sit in a coffee shop and look through the manual for a bit, but when I went in to get coffee I realized I had left the manual at home. Knowing I may not get out of the house again if I returned home I moved on to the next part of my plan.

I hopped in my mini-van (I know.. I know..), drove to the country, and stopped here..

I honestly had so much fun.. Just me and the road. I got lost and had to use my phones GPS a few times, but I found some great spots a long the way. My next stop was here..

This old barn was beautiful! I wish I would've been able to get more shots of it,  but there was a giant dog barking at me in a not so nice way. I was worried a man with a rifle might come running out screaming at me!

So, I was off again. Driving in no particular direction waiting for something to catch my eye. Driving, driving, STOP...

I left my van door open at this stop. Oops. Some guy drove by and honked at me. The roads were narrow, but there was still room to get by. Maybe he was having a grumpy day.

The last thing I wanted to shoot was powerlines. I love the look of them so much. They are just so visually appealing.. This search took a while. I drove and drove, but I could not find a safe place to get out close enough to get some nice pics. I abandoned my search and headed in the city and found these - in the middle of the Britnell community there is a walking path right alongside these wonderful structures..

After my last stop I headed home, totally satisfied with my time to myself. It was one of the best times I've had in a while, and although my camera and I still have some things to figure out, we are much closer now than ever before!!

Have a crazy good weekend. Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!


  1. Thank you for taking me to the country this morning through your absolutely gorgeous pics! I am glad you didn't stay at the coffee shop!



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