A successful domestic failure..


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Most days I feel less than successful in the domestic arena. My role as a housewife is far from the "Martha" types or anything even resembling something close to that. I'm okay with it, however. While I would enjoy having my baseboards vacuumed every week and for nothing to ever rot in the back corners of my fridge, it is not a hill I want to die on. More importantely, I want my kids to feel loved, my home to be lived in, and my door to always be open. If ever I expected perfection of myself, sure, I may have a spotless home with 3 healthy, well rounded meals on the table everyday, but I am beyond certain that I would be miserable, my kids would be miserable, and I wouldn't have time or energy for others. I refuse to live that way.

With all that being said, I actually sat down to write a post about how the other day I felt I had conquered this whole domestic world! I went grocery shopping in the early morning, spent time with each of my littles, fed them good meals, cleaned things that had been neglected for too long, and finished off the day baking a big batch of cookies together. Oh, and I even managed to blog which seems to be a pretty rare accomplishment around here lately! Just call me Martha! This makes me think.. Perhaps all my 'unsuccessful' days make days like this one feel that much greater! Wouldn't that make it all a 'success'? I'm going to say, yes!



"a portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013."

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Our trip to the zoo..
Sienna: She could have watched the elephants all day long.
Coen: He loved the tigers.
Houston: He took it all in. Up until now things like this have been a little difficult with him. This trip was great. He is growing up in so many ways!

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Dear Week..


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My kids making memories.. Jumping bed to bed in our hotel room..
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Hanging with the tigers..

Dear Mini Getaway..
Sometimes all you need is one night away. Away from all the things on your 'to do' lists. When you leave town you logistically just can't get many of those things done. I like that. When time off is spent at home I feel guilty if I don't at least attempt to accomplish some 'to do's'. So, if you're overwhelmed with stuff to do just leave town!
Dear Calgary Zoo..
You are so wonderful. I wish our zoo was nearly as interesting to explore. It is not, however. Not even close. The tigers were by far our favorite. They were so playful while we were there and came right up to the windows for us to get a good close look at them. Following closely after were the monkeys. Man, I love those monkeys.
Dear Weather...
I think this may be the one and only time in my life I am praying for rain. We put sod down last weekend and I am beyond tired of the watering process.. So much work. So, rain, come on down. A few days of it would be great too. K, thanks.
Dear Sod..
Please take. I can't imagine having to go through this process again!
Dear Paul Brant..
I was so glad to go to your concert last night! I forgot how much I loved country music..
It was his Gospel tour and he played a show at our church. If you love country music and love Jesus be sure to get his album "Just as I am." So good.
Dear Week..
You were jam packed. A mini-vaca, yard work, photography sessions, editing, cleaning, playing, concert going. You flew by. Overall, a success. Now for the weekend which shows no sign of slowing down! Praying you all have a great one!

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"a portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013."

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Sienna: She loves making these flower crowns. Weeds never looked so good!
Coen: Oh, my guy. Such a boy.
Houston: Getting so big.. and maybe even a little more adventurous!

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A story about some slippers..


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Oh, the slippers. I had fully intended on taking them off before I jumped in this shot. After setting up my self timer though it completely slipped my mind until I loaded the pictures and lo and behold, there they are, front and center! I still love the picture regardless. I have to be honest. I wear these slippers all the time. All the time! Summer, winter, it doesn't matter. I love how they feel on my feet, but I hate how they look. 

Well, the other day it happened. I had an appointment to be at so I loaded up my boys (Sienna was at school) and drove to our destination. As I opened my door to get out I looked down and realized I was wearing them. Yes, the slippers. This is something that has almost happened a number of times, but I always caught it at the last minute. Not this day. Now, if it were still winter out I would have have been okay with it. They could have just passed for some really ugly UGG knock offs. It was hot though. How ridiculous was I going to look! Thankfully, my husband had come to watch the boys while I ran into my appointment so I stole his shoes (which were gross and sweaty) and ran into Walmart with the few minutes I had to spare. I found myself some $2 sandals which were a huge upgrade from those ugly slippers. Close call though. I am going to be sure to check my feet twice before leaving the house. Or perhaps I will search for some more stylish slippers...



"a portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013."

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Sienna: Sigh. Morning light.
Coen: In and out. All day long.
Houston: Rough morning. Games in bed it is.

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Thoughts On Mother's Day..


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I feel like Mother's Day should be Child Appreciation Day. They are the ones who made us Mothers, after all. Without my children I wouldn't bear such a noble title. Had I not met there sweet little faces the day they were born I wouldn't know how to love so fiercely. I would not be the woman I am today without having experienced the joys as well as the trials that each one of my littles has created amongst their short little lives. Next to meeting my Savior, these children I have been entrusted with have caused me to grow more than anything else I've experienced in my years. They are my gifts. Greater than any flower or well-written card. Treasures beyond measure. My inheritance. 

"Children are an inheritance from the Lord. They are a reward from him."
Psalm 127:3

Don't get me wrong. I am thankful that there is a day set aside to honor this role. It isn't an easy one. Becoming a mother caused me to see my own mom in a whole different light. How hard she worked. How much she sacrificed for my sister and I. I am so thankful for her. I am thankful for all the 'moms' in my life. I am surrounded by many strong women. Wonderful examples for me to follow.. 

So blessings to all you moms out there! 
I pray you are showered with love and affection by the ones who gave you that title this weekend!

Dear Spring..


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Dear Spring,
I am so thankful for your arrival. Although my house has been neglected because of you since we are having to much fun outside and then dragging all that dirty fun inside. Oh well.. So worth it. I will take dirty kids and a dirty house in exchange for this sun any day..
Dear Husband,
I am so grateful for all that you do for our family. I feel so bad about all the yard work that lies ahead. It will be so great though once all the grade work is fixed and we can lay all the sod. Oh, grass.. It will be glorious. (right now we have a lot of dirt patches in our yard.. hence the dirty children)
Dear Coen,
Next time you go to the bathroom pay attention okay. It is always a good idea to lift the lid before you go. That way your feet won't get wet. Oh, little boys.
Dear Houston,
When you ask to ride your little fire truck to walk Sienna to the bus you should be prepared to ride it all the way home too, okay? Today I managed to carry you, your fire truck, and Sienna's bike all the way home, but it isn't really something I'd like to have to accomplish again. While it builds up my mommy muscles, it's just not that fun. Love you to bits though.
Dear Sienna,
You seem like such a young lady lately. I know that is how growing works, but sometime this past week you've gone from little girl to young lady. I am thankful that you still like to sing silly songs, watch cartoons, and play with your dolls. You did ask me for a cell phone this week, but it was so you could text me to tell me which bike you'd like me to bring for you to ride home from the bus. I think that can wait a few years. You'll just have to tell me before you go to school, okay?
Dear Photography,
You are picking up again. Praying I can keep up. It will be an interesting balance! Like walking on a tightrope. One step at a time. I'm learning to say yes to some things even though they are challenging and stretching and no to others as I attempt to keep a balance in my home. I don't have a natural business sense so I find it difficult to stay organized. I am growing though. It is exciting to be stretched in new ways!
Dear Readers/Friends,
I'm thankful for community. For relating with people near and far. For encouraging words and response to this little place, this post. Sometimes my words feel odd, and while they resound within me I am still humbled that they can resound with others as well. Praying you all have an amazing weekend filled with all the things you love!

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A Perfect Place..


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I woke early this morning. Sat up with a stretch and a yawn and tip toed quietly down the stairs, careful to not wake a soul. I made myself a cup of coffee. My Keurig, which may be the best invention ever, seemed so loud amidst the silence I was surrounded by. An instinct to 'shush' it arose within me as the coffee trickled down into my mug. I mixed in my cream and sugar and carried my mug to the couch with me. The comfort that comes from grasping a warm drink in my hands in unmatched. I sat on the couch and opened God's Word. Finally. This is the place I had been craving to find for days. This quiet. Quiet enough to hear the Still Small Voice. The place I can gather God's word, read over and over the scriptures He's been speaking to my heart. Time with my Father. Wrapped in His presence, His love. The place where my spirit is filled, my soul is renewed, and my faith revived.

After spending some time in this perfect place I heard a stirring. The familiar creak of a little boys' bed followed by foot steps. Those foot steps soon came closer til my not-so-little Coen was sleepily pulling himself onto my lap. His length did not prevent him from tucking himself into the nook of my neck and bending his legs up enough to be wrapped in my arms. As he settled into this place I felt him relax every limb and let out a sigh. I breathed him in. So thankful that he came to me, climbed into my lap, and was content to just stay. We stayed like this for quite some time.

How fitting, I thought as I lay with one of my littles upon my chest. Is this how our Father feels when we come to Him? As we come to Him, placing ourselves into His presence, peace comes, and we let out a sigh.. Our loving Father wraps us up, thankful we've come to Him, ready to pour out his affection, hoping we will be content to stay a while..



"a portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013."

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Sienna: Soaking up the sun.
Coen: As is he.
Houston: Wish I would have got this guy outside with his siblings, but he was napping at the time. He likes his naps. I'm okay with that.

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