A Perfect Place..


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I woke early this morning. Sat up with a stretch and a yawn and tip toed quietly down the stairs, careful to not wake a soul. I made myself a cup of coffee. My Keurig, which may be the best invention ever, seemed so loud amidst the silence I was surrounded by. An instinct to 'shush' it arose within me as the coffee trickled down into my mug. I mixed in my cream and sugar and carried my mug to the couch with me. The comfort that comes from grasping a warm drink in my hands in unmatched. I sat on the couch and opened God's Word. Finally. This is the place I had been craving to find for days. This quiet. Quiet enough to hear the Still Small Voice. The place I can gather God's word, read over and over the scriptures He's been speaking to my heart. Time with my Father. Wrapped in His presence, His love. The place where my spirit is filled, my soul is renewed, and my faith revived.

After spending some time in this perfect place I heard a stirring. The familiar creak of a little boys' bed followed by foot steps. Those foot steps soon came closer til my not-so-little Coen was sleepily pulling himself onto my lap. His length did not prevent him from tucking himself into the nook of my neck and bending his legs up enough to be wrapped in my arms. As he settled into this place I felt him relax every limb and let out a sigh. I breathed him in. So thankful that he came to me, climbed into my lap, and was content to just stay. We stayed like this for quite some time.

How fitting, I thought as I lay with one of my littles upon my chest. Is this how our Father feels when we come to Him? As we come to Him, placing ourselves into His presence, peace comes, and we let out a sigh.. Our loving Father wraps us up, thankful we've come to Him, ready to pour out his affection, hoping we will be content to stay a while..


  1. So true Brandy. Every morning He whispers "come to Me, I have been waiting. " you are a beautiful gifted writer. Thanks for sharing
    Love Mona

  2. SO beautifully written and SO refreshingly true!!
    I love this visual and the reminder that it is so sweet to just spend time wrapped in His arms.

  3. your writing is so beautiful -- it's like i'm right there with you. i, too, have a keurig and have the same sentiments! time with our Heavenly Father is the best part of my day. i love this post!



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