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Andrew & Cassidy Got Married! {Wedding Photography}


Can we just ignore the fact that it has been forever since I've posted here.. I'm making up for it today with a ridiculous amount of pictures (seriously.. you may need to give them a bit of time to load..). This wedding. I can barely gather words for it. These people are so dear to my heart, and I am so glad it worked out for me to go back to Alberta to capture their day..

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Also, I was so glad to have the stunningly talented Shelby of Bee Natural Photography working alongside me! She posted some of the beautiful images she captured over HERE!

From winter to spring..


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We drove away from a winter season and landed in spring. New life, new beginnings. Perhaps so cliche, but completely relevant to so much more than the weather for me. We are now living where I only ever dreamed we'd call home. Transitioning away from everything that has ever been familiar to us won't be easy, but God's goodness is everywhere.. We have only been here 3 days and have so much to discover. We are also awaiting possession of our home which needs to be completely renovated, but I still hope to be here in this space more.. My daily life has been anything but routine these past few months and I craved all the quiet I could get, but I finally feel like I can breath again.

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