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The hunger for love is much more difficult to remove than the hunger for bread.
Mother Teresa

I came across some quotes from Mother Teresa last week. I posted another one of them {here}.. But this one touched me on a deeper level. The more I sat and pondered it the more it seemed to sadden my heart.. I think that was the exact intent of Mother Teresa when she stated this. I believe in speaking such a profound statement she hoped to cause the heart to ache. To cause a heartache that would inspire..

Jesus was moved with compassion..
This specific phrase was said a few times in the New Testament, but really from times’ beginning God has showed great compassion for His people. The word used for “compassion” describes a yearning of the innermost nature with pity. Jesus’ whole being was agitated with sympathy for those who were suffering. Jesus was moved with compassion. With that movement He brought healing, deliverance, resurrection, supernatural provision, etc. His movement always resulted in lives being changed.


Am I allowing myself to be moved? Are the things that cause my heart to ache resulting in action on my part? I want my eyes to be searching out, seeking people who require compassion, who require my movement. I know I have been shown great compassion in my life by many, which has helped bring me through healing and change. God’s great compassion has been poured out over my life. In return, I extend my life to do His work, His will, and show His compassion..


Creating House Rules


I have never been one to think of myself as creative or crafty in any sort of way. I'm not really, but  access to Pinterest and many other creative resources seems to have inspired creativity in me that I never knew I had! This weekend much of my time was spent on crafts of many kinds. The kids made clothes pin snowmen, decorated a canvas, painted, and poured an entire container of sparkles out which are now scattered throughout the house! The important thing is that they had fun, right? I am glad that they enjoy creating! It makes a lot of work and clean up for me, but it is worth it in the end..

I did my share of creating this weekend as well.. Remember that project I said I had started? {find that here} Well, I completed it!

House Rules!

Love Jesus
Encourage Your Siblings...Share In Their Joy
Always Tell The Truth
Obey Your Parents
Use Kind Words
Have Fun
Ask First. Be A Giver
Share Everything {except bad ideas}
Say What You Are Sorry For
Forgiveness Is Mandatory
Hands Are For Hugging. Not For Hitting
Never Stay Angry
BE: Considerate, Respectful, Grateful

Ok, did you find my spelling mistake? I'll let you look for it! I am going to fix it before I hang it!

{Another} Friday's Letters


Dear Husband. Thanks for being so understanding. I am sure that you are tired of phrase "I'm tired" by  now. It is partly your fault though since they are your kids too. Thanks for watching the kids while I was at the ladies Christmas banquet at church last night and for all the things you did with them while I was out.. Washing the van, buying it new headlights, cleaning the house. You are a-may-zing!
Dear Coen{3}. Do you really need to change your clothes 10 times a day? I have never met a child, boy or girl, who is as particular about what to wear as you. Not everything you own has a football or a baseball on it. I will try to remember that those are your clothing requirements while shopping in the future though.
Dear Friends. Wow, what can I say? I have been so blessed by you this week. 
Dear Black Friday. How I wish I could be a part of your festivities. {again, Canada doesn't follow this.. we have something similar the day after Christmas} My wardrobe could certainly use some insane deals.
Dear sickness. Like I said before. Go away. K, thanks.
Dear Jesus. Thank you for the beautiful weather we had this week! Thank you that you are faithful.



I started another project.. . Hopefully I can share it with you soon!

Praying you have an oh-so-amazing weekend!

Snow & Fall

We were blessed with a beautiful winter day yesterday! So warm, and the sun was shining! Houston and I sat inside and watched the other 2 playing out the window. I know he was desperate to get out there and join his siblings, but since he is still without a pair of snow pants letting him frolic in the snow didn't seem like the best idea..


Since the sun was shining so beautifully I figured I would go outside and take a few pictures while the boys were down for a nap. As I was walking down our driveway I slipped on a patch of ice. I crashed down hard on my one knee, my camera flew up smashing me hard in the face..Seriously, it hurt!.. It was like time was moving in slow motion as I watched my camera flying through the air! I stretched out my arms...I caught it! It was close though... Limping around for a while I managed to capture a few shots!

I read this quote this morning.. Thought I would share it. I want my words to bring light! Amen?

A day of the uncommon..


A few rarities..

All 3 kids looking at me smiling! Incredible! I usually get one or two looking, and then the other(s) doing something awkward and random. Houston{1} is starting to understand what "cheese" means already.. Pretty cute..

Baths are no longer a common thing around these parts. Yes, I do still wash them {I know what you were thinking} they usually just get showered now. It is faster and more efficient. Isn't it funny how 'routine' changes as you have more children. Sienna{4} was given a bath EVERY evening as part of her bedtime routine. We would let her splash and play until the water was cold and her feet and hands were shrivelled up. She even got that lavender bedtime soap! Spoiled, I tell ya.. When Coen{3} came along bath time was no longer every evening, and it was much shorter. It was a lather 'em up, get 'em clean, splash for a milliminute {0.06 minutes = 6 centiseconds.. in case you were wondering} and get 'em out kinda deal. Well, then Houston came along. Now it's a turn on the shower. pop them in one after the other, wash, rinse, done. 30 seconds. In-and-out. Baths are a luxury for Houston! Poor 3rd child :) He sure loves them when he gets them though..

We spent the entire day at home in our pajamas. Another rarity. Sienna and Coen caught the nasty cold that Houston has had. Boo. Sienna was completely traumatized because she had to miss school {also rare}. The bath was a good distraction from their yucky sickness! Then they were back in their Pj's. Go away sickness. Anytime now. I was thinking of how long it takes bugs to work their way through our family, and it occurred to me.. What is is like for the Duggars? {if you've been living under a rock they are the family who has their 20th child on the way!} Completely random.. I know..


My friend came to visit me yesterday morning.. It helped me survive the rest of the day at home with 3 sick kids. This friend of mine is one of the most thoughtful, considerate, generous people I have ever met. Her friendship is a gift. Really. She puts tremendous effort and care into making people feel loved. She is always going out of her way to help. Plus, she feeds us. Feeds us delicious.mouth.watering.delicious food. I am so thankful for her.. She makes me want to be a better friend. That is a good thing..

I couldn't help but take a picture of her youngest daughter. Her little hat was to-die-for. Check out this preciousness...

Cute right?

Happy Wednesday to you all! Again, I am so grateful for each one of you who stops by here :)
Be Blessed!!

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It brings life..


You know what I love about God's Word? That it is relevant in every season. Valuable at all times. It is food for the spirit. It brings healing, freedom, peace, understanding, correction, wisdom and so much more. It brings life...

O Lord, you are my lamp.
The Lord lights up my darkness.

 In your strength I can crush an army;
with my God I can scale any wall.

“God’s way is perfect.

All the Lord’s promises prove true.

He is a shield for all who look to him for protection.
For who is God except the Lord?
Who but our God is a solid rock?
God is my strong fortress,
and he makes my way perfect.
He makes me as surefooted as a deer,
enabling me to stand on mountain heights.
He trains my hands for battle;
he strengthens my arm to draw a bronze bow.
You have given me your shield of victory;
your help has made me great.
2 Samuel 22:29-36


I got to snuggle this little guy again. His name is Wyatt Axel. Awesome, I know, right?! Did you know the government (in Alberta, Canada anyways) gives you 7 days to name your baby? If you don't register a name by the end of the 7 days they will pick one of the top 10 names and name you baby for you! Funny. 
Please note: I didn't actually research this. This is just what I've been told. So, if this information is wrong it is not my fault.


Happy thanksgiving week to all of my American friends!
{We celebrate thanksgiving in October here in Canada}

*all images original to Jane Mabel

Weekend View: A New Little Bundle

I adore newborn babies.. I love their teeny tiny hands and feet. I love their little lips and button noses. I love how their little arms and legs still remain tucked snugly up against their little body. How they haven't realized quite yet that they have left their little home where they had so little space, and they now have room to move and expand! I love how they work so hard to open their eyes and study this new world around them. I love their small cries and whimpers, their grunts and their little noises. I love the excitement of new life. So much promise wrapped up in one teensy-tiny package. Everything. I love it all.

Sunday morning welcomed a precious little gift into the world! A new nephew! He is blessed to have wonderful loving parents, 2 sisters, and 1 brother. I am so excited to watch him grow! {and for them to decide on a name which they haven't done yet :) }


I made another vase! If you would like to find out how and see the others you can go here... 


I leave you with a few more shots from this weekend! Praying your week ahead is wonderful!

I had to post this! I love his chunk!

Friday's Letters


Dear Husband - Thanks for our wonderful date last night even though you won our checkers game. For future reference I think it is best we go back to our rule of not playing games together as losing makes me want to beat you up. And you know I could ;). 
Dear Winter - I got a new winter coat last night and it is warm.so.warm. We may be able to be friends this year. Well, maybe not friends but possibly acquaintances.
Dear old winter coat - You suck. Sorry to be so harsh, but how did I survive with you for 3 years? Thanks for letting me freeze..
Dear House - Please clean yourself today. I really don't feel like doing it, and we have a houseful of people coming over this evening.
Dear Favorite Friday's - As you can tell I've kind of given up on you. You were a good idea, but I am just not organized enough to keep up. Sorry.
Dear Houston - I'm sorry you have been feeling so yucky lately. I am praying that your sickness will go away quickly. Thank you for only waking up twice last night. It was a vast improvement from what the past few weeks have been. 
Dear Sienna and Coen - Thanks for being so awesome. Really, I am blessed to be your mommy.
Dear Camera - I miss you. I feel like winter has taken away all our beautiful colors, but I promise I will find beauty with you soon once again!

Dear Ashley {from Adventures of Newlyweds} - Thanks for the wonderful link up party. This is such a fun idea! Go visit this lady. She is swell.



Like I said in my letter, I miss my camera. All this white is leaving me a little uninspired. I did capture these a few days ago though. Life in the cold. Lovely..

Happy Birthday Husband!


This is my husband.. Isn't he epicly awesome! (i am really enjoying the word "epic" lately. Have you noticed?) He really is. I wish you could all know him. He is the hardest worker I know. And, he really loves people. Honestly, he goes crazy when he is by himself. The above pictures may be a great example of those times. He is also the world's best dad. Not lying. I know you may think your baby-daddy's out there hold that title, but he's the one whose got it. Sorry.

Anyways, today is his birthday. He is turning 28. Still my youngin.. {He is 2 years younger than me} He has made all the plans for our date tonight. That is the type of amazing guy he is. He loves to spoil me.. Even on HIS birthday.

Happy Birthday Jeremy! I love you!

This Makes Me Happy


This picture makes me happy. You would think at first that it may not. Our kids will not be allowed to date until they graduate from high school ("don't date til you graduate".. Yes, it rhymes. Yes, I sing it when I say it. Yes, it is awesome.). Even so, this picture makes me happy. Why? Because she hung it on her bedroom door, and it shows her 2 younger brothers that they are welcome in her room. She is willing to share her space with them. My kids do fight. Oh, trust me, they bicker. But they appreciate having one another. That is great..


Epic drooler..


Here are a few pictures of Coen just because I feel like his cuteness has been lacking a little here. He seems to be on somewhat of a camera strike. He is not a fan of having his picture taken right now (these pictures are from last month)..

I'm not perfect..



Shocking, I know.

Last week was a rough one. It was just one of those weeks where I just couldn't seem to gather the strength I needed for the battle. Where all attempts made left me feeling a little farther behind than where I had even started. Then one more sleepless (by that I mean no sleep. at all.) night knocked me out of the fight all together. I felt completely defeated. Done. d-o-n-e.

Then God spoke something so clearly to me...

We must first acknowledge our brokenness before we can be repaired.

But he said to me, "My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness." Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ's power may rest on me.
2 Corinthians 12:9

Why are we so leery to admit when we feel weak? Even to God who sees and knows already? It is first instinct to gird ourselves up and put on our I'm-ok-face. I don't want to do that anymore. I'm ok with not being ok as long as I'm letting God in to make up for my not-okayness. Get it? Hope so..

So, I have picked up my sword once again. I may not feel like I have won yet, but I know The One who has..


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