Happy Birthday Husband!


This is my husband.. Isn't he epicly awesome! (i am really enjoying the word "epic" lately. Have you noticed?) He really is. I wish you could all know him. He is the hardest worker I know. And, he really loves people. Honestly, he goes crazy when he is by himself. The above pictures may be a great example of those times. He is also the world's best dad. Not lying. I know you may think your baby-daddy's out there hold that title, but he's the one whose got it. Sorry.

Anyways, today is his birthday. He is turning 28. Still my youngin.. {He is 2 years younger than me} He has made all the plans for our date tonight. That is the type of amazing guy he is. He loves to spoil me.. Even on HIS birthday.

Happy Birthday Jeremy! I love you!


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