Friday's Letters


Dear Husband - Thanks for our wonderful date last night even though you won our checkers game. For future reference I think it is best we go back to our rule of not playing games together as losing makes me want to beat you up. And you know I could ;). 
Dear Winter - I got a new winter coat last night and it is We may be able to be friends this year. Well, maybe not friends but possibly acquaintances.
Dear old winter coat - You suck. Sorry to be so harsh, but how did I survive with you for 3 years? Thanks for letting me freeze..
Dear House - Please clean yourself today. I really don't feel like doing it, and we have a houseful of people coming over this evening.
Dear Favorite Friday's - As you can tell I've kind of given up on you. You were a good idea, but I am just not organized enough to keep up. Sorry.
Dear Houston - I'm sorry you have been feeling so yucky lately. I am praying that your sickness will go away quickly. Thank you for only waking up twice last night. It was a vast improvement from what the past few weeks have been. 
Dear Sienna and Coen - Thanks for being so awesome. Really, I am blessed to be your mommy.
Dear Camera - I miss you. I feel like winter has taken away all our beautiful colors, but I promise I will find beauty with you soon once again!

Dear Ashley {from Adventures of Newlyweds} - Thanks for the wonderful link up party. This is such a fun idea! Go visit this lady. She is swell.



Like I said in my letter, I miss my camera. All this white is leaving me a little uninspired. I did capture these a few days ago though. Life in the cold. Lovely..


  1. Brandy, I LOVE your winter pics! I think they are stunning...sometimes less color is more power, and you've captured that here. I'm sorry you have so much snow, but embrace the winterness! It will give you much to blog about for the next few months! :) Karyn

  2. I love you and love your blog.

    You are a wonderful writer and photographer.


  3. thanks for your shout out ! you are too sweet!

    I love your letters! they are awesome! I feel like I internally write that letters to my house Ughhh... just can't keep things spic and span like I want ! thanks for linking up girl!


  4. Those photos are AMAZING! That last one especially. There is something about the snow that is so inviting (can you tell I don't live where it snows, lol). Lovely Friday Letters too! Yay to new [warm] coats! You can find my Friday letters here,

    Hope you have a GREAT weekend!


  5. So, for feeling uninspired, I think those are pretty rockin photos :) well done!



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