A day of the uncommon..


A few rarities..

All 3 kids looking at me smiling! Incredible! I usually get one or two looking, and then the other(s) doing something awkward and random. Houston{1} is starting to understand what "cheese" means already.. Pretty cute..

Baths are no longer a common thing around these parts. Yes, I do still wash them {I know what you were thinking} they usually just get showered now. It is faster and more efficient. Isn't it funny how 'routine' changes as you have more children. Sienna{4} was given a bath EVERY evening as part of her bedtime routine. We would let her splash and play until the water was cold and her feet and hands were shrivelled up. She even got that lavender bedtime soap! Spoiled, I tell ya.. When Coen{3} came along bath time was no longer every evening, and it was much shorter. It was a lather 'em up, get 'em clean, splash for a milliminute {0.06 minutes = 6 centiseconds.. in case you were wondering} and get 'em out kinda deal. Well, then Houston came along. Now it's a turn on the shower. pop them in one after the other, wash, rinse, done. 30 seconds. In-and-out. Baths are a luxury for Houston! Poor 3rd child :) He sure loves them when he gets them though..

We spent the entire day at home in our pajamas. Another rarity. Sienna and Coen caught the nasty cold that Houston has had. Boo. Sienna was completely traumatized because she had to miss school {also rare}. The bath was a good distraction from their yucky sickness! Then they were back in their Pj's. Go away sickness. Anytime now. I was thinking of how long it takes bugs to work their way through our family, and it occurred to me.. What is is like for the Duggars? {if you've been living under a rock they are the family who has their 20th child on the way!} Completely random.. I know..


My friend came to visit me yesterday morning.. It helped me survive the rest of the day at home with 3 sick kids. This friend of mine is one of the most thoughtful, considerate, generous people I have ever met. Her friendship is a gift. Really. She puts tremendous effort and care into making people feel loved. She is always going out of her way to help. Plus, she feeds us. Feeds us delicious.mouth.watering.delicious food. I am so thankful for her.. She makes me want to be a better friend. That is a good thing..

I couldn't help but take a picture of her youngest daughter. Her little hat was to-die-for. Check out this preciousness...

Cute right?

Happy Wednesday to you all! Again, I am so grateful for each one of you who stops by here :)
Be Blessed!!

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  1. Brandy the bath photos are adorable! I love reading your blog :-)

  2. I can't even take how cute these pictures are!! :) Thanks for your sweet comment on my post at Heather's blog yesterday!

  3. LOVE the bath photos...my favorite! The picture of all three in the bath is almost a great Christmas card picture??? : )

  4. Ok..not "almost"...it IS a great picture for a christmas card haha

  5. Okay, now you've really made me want babies and a camera! (Karyn)

  6. oh my goodness!!! cutest pictures ever!!! i especially love the first and last pix. you are so great at capturing their personalities!
    ps i'm your newest follower!

  7. Poor sickys!! They sure are cute



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