Snow & Fall


We were blessed with a beautiful winter day yesterday! So warm, and the sun was shining! Houston and I sat inside and watched the other 2 playing out the window. I know he was desperate to get out there and join his siblings, but since he is still without a pair of snow pants letting him frolic in the snow didn't seem like the best idea..


Since the sun was shining so beautifully I figured I would go outside and take a few pictures while the boys were down for a nap. As I was walking down our driveway I slipped on a patch of ice. I crashed down hard on my one knee, my camera flew up smashing me hard in the face..Seriously, it hurt!.. It was like time was moving in slow motion as I watched my camera flying through the air! I stretched out my arms...I caught it! It was close though... Limping around for a while I managed to capture a few shots!

I read this quote this morning.. Thought I would share it. I want my words to bring light! Amen?


  1. Amen! And I hope you are ok from your fall.. : ( Nice catch ; )

  2. What a great quote! Thanks for sharing. :)



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