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I have officially survived my solo craft adventure! Remember these?

Well, I used them to make these..

We celebrated the birthdays of 3 special people this weekend, and I wanted to create something unique for 2 of them (I didn't think the 2 year old would appreciate it as much so we got her an alphabet puzzle). 

I found the idea for fabric flowers on Pinterest. Seriously, if you want some creative ideas, it is the place to be. I have always loved mason jars used as vases so this was the perfect combination!

The flowers are so simple. NO SEWING REQUIRED.. Thank goodness!! All you need is some fabric and fabric glue.. I found a great tutorial here..

I am happy with how they turned out! Not so happy with how my pictures of them turned out, but you get the point..

We made a day trip to Calgary yesterday. The only pictures I took were out the car window while driving there. Oops!

Monday seemed like a good day to upload some of my phone pics. You can find me on Instagram also if you like.. (my user name is Brandy Jane Mabel)


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