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The hunger for love is much more difficult to remove than the hunger for bread.
Mother Teresa

I came across some quotes from Mother Teresa last week. I posted another one of them {here}.. But this one touched me on a deeper level. The more I sat and pondered it the more it seemed to sadden my heart.. I think that was the exact intent of Mother Teresa when she stated this. I believe in speaking such a profound statement she hoped to cause the heart to ache. To cause a heartache that would inspire..

Jesus was moved with compassion..
This specific phrase was said a few times in the New Testament, but really from times’ beginning God has showed great compassion for His people. The word used for “compassion” describes a yearning of the innermost nature with pity. Jesus’ whole being was agitated with sympathy for those who were suffering. Jesus was moved with compassion. With that movement He brought healing, deliverance, resurrection, supernatural provision, etc. His movement always resulted in lives being changed.


Am I allowing myself to be moved? Are the things that cause my heart to ache resulting in action on my part? I want my eyes to be searching out, seeking people who require compassion, who require my movement. I know I have been shown great compassion in my life by many, which has helped bring me through healing and change. God’s great compassion has been poured out over my life. In return, I extend my life to do His work, His will, and show His compassion..



  1. Such a good word! We absolutely should let our compassion move us. That is something that I tend to ignore because it's easier to stay home, focus on my family. But there is pain and suffering and aching a lot of the time because we don't step up to do anything about it! This is definitely something I need to keep in mind, particularly during the holidays!

  2. Great post! It resonates with the fact that faith without action is dead. I don't want to just have movement in my life because is what I'm supposed to do. I want to move and take action because as God has revealed His love and grace towards me I can't help but move in compassion towards others. Thank you for sharing your heart.

  3. hi friend! sorry it took me so long to come see your space <3 i am in love with that beautiful sunset picture! the sun now sets 10 minutes before i leave work and i am in serious sunset deprivation.

    and i love that mother teresa quote. she was/is/will always be so amazing. and this entire blog post is just so moving. being able to accept His love for us and then spread it out in return....a lot harder said than done. i know i want and desire to do those things, but i find myself getting caught up in spending too much time with my nose in a book or on instagram or in blogs, rather than getting out there and getting stuff done. ya know?



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