A story about some slippers..


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Oh, the slippers. I had fully intended on taking them off before I jumped in this shot. After setting up my self timer though it completely slipped my mind until I loaded the pictures and lo and behold, there they are, front and center! I still love the picture regardless. I have to be honest. I wear these slippers all the time. All the time! Summer, winter, it doesn't matter. I love how they feel on my feet, but I hate how they look. 

Well, the other day it happened. I had an appointment to be at so I loaded up my boys (Sienna was at school) and drove to our destination. As I opened my door to get out I looked down and realized I was wearing them. Yes, the slippers. This is something that has almost happened a number of times, but I always caught it at the last minute. Not this day. Now, if it were still winter out I would have have been okay with it. They could have just passed for some really ugly UGG knock offs. It was hot though. How ridiculous was I going to look! Thankfully, my husband had come to watch the boys while I ran into my appointment so I stole his shoes (which were gross and sweaty) and ran into Walmart with the few minutes I had to spare. I found myself some $2 sandals which were a huge upgrade from those ugly slippers. Close call though. I am going to be sure to check my feet twice before leaving the house. Or perhaps I will search for some more stylish slippers...


  1. Ha ha! This so made me smile...I too am in love with my slippers and also wear them every day of my life, and I too, ONCE, forgot I was wearing them and went out, but had no one to trade shoes with. You can wear your slippers any time at my house!!

  2. That's awesome! LOL I had noticed them when you first posted the photos... too funny ;)



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