Dear Week..


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My kids making memories.. Jumping bed to bed in our hotel room..
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Hanging with the tigers..

Dear Mini Getaway..
Sometimes all you need is one night away. Away from all the things on your 'to do' lists. When you leave town you logistically just can't get many of those things done. I like that. When time off is spent at home I feel guilty if I don't at least attempt to accomplish some 'to do's'. So, if you're overwhelmed with stuff to do just leave town!
Dear Calgary Zoo..
You are so wonderful. I wish our zoo was nearly as interesting to explore. It is not, however. Not even close. The tigers were by far our favorite. They were so playful while we were there and came right up to the windows for us to get a good close look at them. Following closely after were the monkeys. Man, I love those monkeys.
Dear Weather...
I think this may be the one and only time in my life I am praying for rain. We put sod down last weekend and I am beyond tired of the watering process.. So much work. So, rain, come on down. A few days of it would be great too. K, thanks.
Dear Sod..
Please take. I can't imagine having to go through this process again!
Dear Paul Brant..
I was so glad to go to your concert last night! I forgot how much I loved country music..
It was his Gospel tour and he played a show at our church. If you love country music and love Jesus be sure to get his album "Just as I am." So good.
Dear Week..
You were jam packed. A mini-vaca, yard work, photography sessions, editing, cleaning, playing, concert going. You flew by. Overall, a success. Now for the weekend which shows no sign of slowing down! Praying you all have a great one!

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  1. I love this. I love that shot. Making memories of the very best kind! xxoo

  2. oh yes, a vacation no matter how short or long is always so good. it's great you all got to do so! the zoo here leaves much to be desired too. such a bummer because i love going to the zoo! have a great weekend lady!

  3. That picture is like the epitome of childhood! So good! I love your take on leaving town. Sounds exactly right!! :)
    (oh, and I too love me some country music, and Paul Brandt is fantastic!)



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