A successful domestic failure..


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Most days I feel less than successful in the domestic arena. My role as a housewife is far from the "Martha" types or anything even resembling something close to that. I'm okay with it, however. While I would enjoy having my baseboards vacuumed every week and for nothing to ever rot in the back corners of my fridge, it is not a hill I want to die on. More importantely, I want my kids to feel loved, my home to be lived in, and my door to always be open. If ever I expected perfection of myself, sure, I may have a spotless home with 3 healthy, well rounded meals on the table everyday, but I am beyond certain that I would be miserable, my kids would be miserable, and I wouldn't have time or energy for others. I refuse to live that way.

With all that being said, I actually sat down to write a post about how the other day I felt I had conquered this whole domestic world! I went grocery shopping in the early morning, spent time with each of my littles, fed them good meals, cleaned things that had been neglected for too long, and finished off the day baking a big batch of cookies together. Oh, and I even managed to blog which seems to be a pretty rare accomplishment around here lately! Just call me Martha! This makes me think.. Perhaps all my 'unsuccessful' days make days like this one feel that much greater! Wouldn't that make it all a 'success'? I'm going to say, yes!


  1. This is soooo fantastic & I agree with wisdom! This to me is the biggest way God has used my children to help me.. There was a point in my life I needed complete order in my home but now I can walk through my home with proof this house is filled with love & playtime and simply smile at it all! :-) Xo KER

  2. I completely agree and love that expression "it's not a hill I want to die on". I try my best to keep on top of it all, but most days there are just more interesting things to draw my attention. I'm totally okay with that. x



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