2 and 3 but not 1


 He's got the flu..

I love his crooked smile :)

He's got the flu..

She doesn't! Hopefully it will stay that way..

Kids handle illness so differently than adults. If it were me I would've laid curled up in bed and not moved (I would do that even if I weren't sick.. if anyone would let me). Coen woke up miserable from his nap and had a fever. He threw up all over his blankie, which if you know him you know that is a bad thing, but not too long after he returned to jumping on his bed and kicking the ball around the house like a mad man! Houston on the other hand did not get sick until after he was in bed. It is never nice going to tend to your crying baby and reaching your hand down to find him and his bed soaking wet. Ew. So I gave him a bath and cleaned him all up. Poor little dude just wouldn't settle so Jeremy drove around with him for a bit to put him back to sleep. That is not something we normally do for our kids, but when they are sick I would do just about every parenting no-no if it meant I could help them feel just a bit better. Anyways, they are now all tucked soundly into bed, and I am praying they stay that way!

Here is one last picture, just cause it is too cute not to share..


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