Why Jane Mabel?


"What is your middle name"? 

This is a question I have always hated being asked. When the dreaded question would arise I would laugh, swing my arm, and stomp my foot as I would announce with a painful southern twang BRANDY JANE MABEL..

So, why did I choose the 2 names I have disliked for my entire life? Honestly, as I started considering names for this little page it was probably the 2nd thing that popped in my head. Out of no where really, and it quite surprised me how much I liked it! The longer it lingered in my mind the more I  grew to love it! For the first time in my 30 long short years I love the sound of my name's southern flare and vintage feel. It feels good. So does starting this blog. A new beginning! A fresh perspective! Time to embrace all who God has made me to be!


  1. I love you all the more, the more I read...sent this to you by email but wasn't sure if you got it so I wanted to make sure you did. :)
    Girl, I'm so glad you commented and I know of you now.
    I love your blog...and Canada, wow...I don't know anyone who lives in Canada. But now I do. ;)
    After reading some of your posts' I listened to/watched the Kari Jobe video and I love that song. It just washes over me...
    Thank you for making yourself known...I can't wait to get to know you more. And by the way you guys' are beautiful...really.
    Happy Thursday

  2. i love the name mabel! we plan on naming a daughter that....in the future obviously. haha but it's such a pretty, vintage name! (and my middle name is jane, so obviously i love that, too.) =]

  3. I LOVE this! I spent my whole life hating my middle name, "Gilman" - a family name. Sounded bizarre. Now as I have been through divorce and name changes, I have ultimately decided to use it as my last name - I have embraced it and have grown to love it.

    Already loving your blog!

  4. Beautiful name for a blog. Beautiful names for a beautiful lady too :)
    Bella x



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