Love is the center..


I saw a picture of a beautiful center piece the other day. It had a crystal clear jar filled with perfectly placed flowers inside, surrounded by greenery and glowing candles. Stunning.. It got me thinking though. How much time, how much effort was invested in that center piece? How much thought went into picking the colors that complimented each other and placing everything just so? How much stress was felt over making sure it came out just right? My train of thought continued.. Who were the people sitting around that center piece? Did they feel as important as that arrangement they sat around? Were they being considered as thoughtfully and invested in on a personal level? Did they feel loved and cared for?

Don't get me wrong.. I love pretty things. I am aware that time invested in making something beautiful can be a part of showing how much you care about people..

There was a time in life that I was hesitant to put out an effort to have people over or to show hospitality because I was afraid that what I had to offer wasn't enough. I am not a good cook or a fancy party planner. I love people though. I love sharing life with others. The wife of the founding Pastor of our church once said to me that people don't care what your house looks like, they care that you invest in them, love them, and take interest in their lives. I have held onto those words. I live by those words. While I still desire to one day be a domestic diva of sorts, I desire more to spread love and encourage others. When you love and care for those surrounding you it doesn't really matter what the center piece looks like..

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  1. Thanks for these thoughts Brandy, as they are so true. I tended to run heavy on the Martha side when entertaining but now make a purposeful effort to ignore the messy kitchen and sit down and fellowship, and love on my guests after a meal. This might seem like a small thing to some, but to me it shows progress more to the rightful Mary way of things!

  2. I love that advice! I am not great at cooking or arranging flowers... my lack of talent in those areas makes me afraid to have guests over. For many of the reasons you listed. I'm going to remember what you said about investing in people themselves :)

  3. Great post! I struggled with opening up my home for a longtime. The last couple of years we've been entertaining a lot and I love it. I try to find a good balance between making things look pretty but also enjoying myself and blessing others. Thanks for linking up.

  4. this was written for me!
    i have such a hard time with this, but it's something that i am truly working on! :)
    blessings to you, sweet girl!

  5. Just came across this post Brandy. Only one thing to say: all my kids love going to your place!
    Their response to "What was so good?" is "Brandy and Jeremy"

    1. Isabelle, your words are always such an encourage to me! I am so blessed by you and your whole family!!
      Brandy Jane Mabel



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