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When my husband and I got married we knew God was calling us to full-time ministry. Our young hearts wanted nothing more than to answer that call. We didn't know then what exactly it was to look like or where God was taking us, so we just followed. Step by step. I am so thankful when I look back and see how He has cared for us and made a way for us. The best part though is that He is not done with us yet. Our journey is not over. God has not stopped calling and leading us. Our heart's desire still is to serve Him.. Step by step..


  1. so beautifully said.
    coincidentally, my sister is expecting a baby girl and Jane and Mabel are high on her list of names. Lovely!

  2. I told your husband and I'll tell you, your guys' ministry is a blessing to me and your vision for the ministry is amazing. I'm not even a youth, but I know my daughters will be greatly blessed to come under your leadership as we all join together as a team to raise up the next generation.

  3. So exciting! God's provision is always so perfect, even when we can't tell what the heck is going on. And the best part really is knowing that he's never finished with us :)

  4. i haven't heard this song, i'm gonna go listen,

    you and your husband do such beautiful work Brandy, God bless you both xo

  5. beautiful song, just listened...

    do you like Christy Knockels? She's from Watermark....anyway, her music is unbelievable, my of my faves anyway...thanks for sharing this with us!

    Hope you are settling into your new home nicely...

  6. You are truly an inspiration to other Christians like myself. Thanks for sharing Jane Mabel ;)

  7. i am SO glad that He never stops leading us when we give Him the reigns.
    my husband and i are called to be missionaries and we are seeking God's plan and where to go right now. it is so exciting and a little scary at times, but i know He's got it all under control. :)
    thanks for sharing this!



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