Dear Adventure..


Dear Husband. Looking so forward to getting over all this crazy. We are so tremendously blessed, and hopefully soon we will be able to slow down and
Dear Bedtime. You will surely be the cause if every.single grey hair I ever have. You would think that kids would realize that bedtime is inevitable. It happens EVERY NIGHT so why must it be so traumatic?
Dear Houston. How are you so cute even when you are being outright defiant? Your "no" makes me laugh every time. I also find it funny how you steal you siblings toys and run away. You already know you are causing trouble. I am sure it won't stay cute for long and we will have to start working on your listening skills soon!
Dear Ashley. I am so excited to edit your pictures. I had so much fun on our adventureThanks for being my model (and a stunning one at that), and thanks for helping me be brave enough to trespass on people's property. I am glad that we did end up getting permission to be there though. I think I made a friend with a barn. WOOT. Well, maybe not friend, but I know I won't get shot if I go there.. so I will go back. Here is a sneak peak of your amazingness..



  1. brandy, you did amazing!!
    ashley, you are so beautiful!

  2. ooooh, pretty pictures! I love barns, and snow and pictures with both!


  3. Cute are such a doll :)
    Love the photos - so pretty!!
    Happy weekend - hope its great!

  4. Ahhh so cute, your sweet note and photos are just lovely!

  5. Beautiful pics! You'll have to thank another photographer niece and a farming background for the "guts to trespass" ... with permission!
    Glad to hear you won't get SHOT next time you go back to that barn setting but you'll be able to take some SHOTS in that beautiful surrounding!

  6. Cute :). Love the pics and the letters.



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