A few weeks ago a friend showed me a picture of the Valentine's cards she had made. They were so cute I decided to steal her idea for Sienna's classmates! I figured I would easily be able to find an example for you all on Pinterest.. the gathering place for all good ideas.. and I did!

Source: via Celia on Pinterest

Cute right?
So I made this...

...and now I am just waiting for my husband to return with the suckers! I'm excited to see the finished product! I have never been one to enjoy Valentine's Day. I find it too cheesy, but seeing it through the eyes of my little girl has given it a new feeling.. What a great opportunity to teach her to love more, to love fully, and to let Christ's love be poured out!



  1. Oh this is just so sweet!! I'm sure she is so excited :-) Mama points for you!

  2. Those are really really sweet! I hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day! And hope the house showings are going OK. xo

  3. LOVE! I love Sienna and her dark brown eyes! She is so precious!

    -Love Anna

  4. Those Valentine's are CRAZY cute. Thank you so much for coming by and giving your motherly advice of 3 kiddoes. honestly I really appreciate it!!!!! YOur blog is lovely! I am already following you according to google bt definnitely making it a point to come by more often:) THanks again xoxooxxo Hanna



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