Love is First..


Something happened today that caused me to break down and cry. Not just a few tears.. I bawled like a baby. I handed Houston a banana and he looked up and me and said "tank ooo." Just like that. Just like a big boy. I thought this break down would come last Friday, not today. See, last Friday Houston turned 18 months old. I felt a looming dread as the day approached. For some reason 18 months seemed much harder than his 1st birthday. Friday passed though, and as it ended I thought to myself that I had handled it very well. I guess it didn't hit me until today.. I know this all probably sounds strange. Why would 18 months be something sad? Why would a child learning manners produce a well of tears? Well, because it is my last baby leaving babyland. I am so thankful to have 3 happy, healthy, growing children, but there is a  part of me that is mourning. Mourning the moments of those little firsts I love to watch my littles experience. They go by, never to be firsts again. There will be new firsts, many of them. The first firsts are pretty special though..

Life goes on, I know.

I am grateful..

For every first, and second, and third...


  1. Awe, I can COMPLETELY relate... I never correct Ailey when she says things the wrong way, because I know it will be all too soon that she figures it out on her own. Until then, I want to cherish the cuteness and innocence of it all.

  2. OH that was sweet! I have two boys and darn it, I dont remember first. Write them down so you can reflect on them someday.

  3. You are cherishing the sweetest times with your children, and that is a beautiful thing! It is hard to move through the changes sometimes, and that doesn't stop. YOu will learn more and more to be able to let go when you need too, God will guide. He teaches me constantly new things in parenting and my girl is 17. You will be rocked to see what the Lord can teach in parenting. It's pretty cool. I commend you for appreciating these tender moments with your kids. Seeing manners be put to practice is a pretty cool thing. XO

  4. It's crazy how life is. I actually was wondering on Monday night if he had started to talk or not at all because I was reading to him, and there was a picture of a tiger and lion, and he kinda growled and almost said "tiger" and then "lion". I was so surprised! haha I told Coen it was because of him that Houston was more familiar with those words/animals :)



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