Conversations with Sienna


The other day I was talking to my daughter Sienna while we were driving. We had one of those conversations I love. Another teachable moment like this one. Our conversation went a little like this..

S: I don't want to move out when I get married.
Me: Why not?
S: I will miss you.
Me: I will miss you too. Maybe you could just live close by?
S: Like next door?
Me: Maybe!
S: I am going to pray I live next door.
Me: Ok!
S: Dear Jesus, please let me live next door to mom when I get married. Amen
Me: Sienna, do you know that God tells us to not worry about ANYTHING. He's got the perfect plan for us! He will take care of everything you worry about. So, if you listen to all that He tells you, guess what? You will end up in the PERFECT place. Even if it is not next door to mommy and daddy, Jesus will be making sure that you are taken care of, ok?
S: Ok, but I am still going to pray I live next door.
Me: Ok, I would love that..

I love these moments when I get to teach something valuable to my kids. I want these things engrained in her character. I want her trust in the Lord to be deep and unmoving. More than anything I pray that I can be an example of all these things for her. I've got some work to do!

My Sienna is a clever one. Here are a few other conversations we've had lately...

Me: Sienna, can you please stop growing.
S: I can't stop my birthday. That is up to God.
Me: Please?
S: I need to keep growing so I can get married!  (she associates growing up with getting married.. not sure why..)

S: Maybe you could paint my house a rainbow house?
Jeremy: What about a polk-a-dot house?
S: No, that would be silly.

Oh, how I love her..

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  1. Awww, so precious! I'm glad you are writing this stuff down, it's so easy to forget and now you'll always be able to remember these conversations :-)

  2. If growing was associated with getting married, I'd be married by now.
    xo. Little Miss

  3. that is just precious!
    i love those sweet moments, too. :)
    my son{who's six} recently started talking about, 'when he gets married...'
    he said he's gonna come and visit me with his wife, though!

  4. brandy this post is too cute! i try to maximize those learning opportunities with my 4 and 1 year old, too.
    i love that she wants to live next door to you.
    i would LOVE if my married kids would live next door to me.
    i will be a blubbering mess once they are off to college.
    but that is aways from now.
    i follow your blog--just had to!

    1. Thanks Mindy! Just hopped over to your blog! What a beautiful family!

  5. I am tellin ya the things kids say! Blows my mind in with happiness and adorable-ness, I can't take it!! Oh I miss these days, I still get some super adorable things said by my daughter, just like things a little girl would say in all cuteness, so I cherish that, but boy I remember these moments well, thanks for sharing with us brandy, so so sweet, how adorable is she!?!
    My daughter now always says: "Mom, you've gotta live a long life." I'll be like, "What do you mean, why?" She's like "Cuz you are the best mom ever, you have to help me raise my kids!"

  6. Love these conversations with Sienna haha. :)

  7. Oh my!! I adore this post. :)
    Your daughter is the sweetest ... and with humor that is probably unknown to her at the moment!
    PS. I just stumbled upon your blog this evening and I adore it!
    Have a wonderful weekend!
    much love, colie



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