Moments that matter..


Yesterday I posted about Sienna's little prayer. Missed it? go here and scroll to the bottom :) It was so sweet and innocent, but it was the conversation I had with her right before that was really special. It was a moment that I believe will shape who she is and who she believes God is. It was a teachable moment, and I am so glad I took advantage of it..

We were standing in our bathroom and I was putting her hair into those adorable pigtails. While I was doing this she closed her eyes and scrunched up her cute face and said, "I wish I could have a loose tooth." I love her little big imagination, but I knew I could use this moment to teach her something. I said to her,  "Sienna, do you know when we wish for something we are wishing to no one, but when we pray for something we are talking to a God that hears us?" She replied, "yes, God hears us and gives us everything we want." {pause} This was one of those parenting moments where you hope and pray you don't screw up and say the wrong thing. I knew what I said next was important. {go} I replied to her, "Well, God doesn't always give us what we think we want, but He ALWAYS gives us what is the very best thing for us." Then she prayed her adorable little prayer.

I pray that she understood what I was trying to tell her, and I know as I continue to teach her she will grow in her understanding.


This weekend I had the opportunity to take some pictures of my beautiful sister and her daughters. I am so glad that I have people who are patient enough to let me practice my photography skills on them..

Aren't they all gorgeous!

My mom took a few pictures of my sister and I. I am glad we did it. It has been so long since we have taken a picture together. I love these captured moments...


  1. what a great response! kids are hard! especially when you don't want to scar them for life:) btw, love the first pic in your shots of your sister and nieces! the sky is awesome!

  2. Thank you so much for your sweet comment!! Isn't it so important to just sit down and enjoy some "me time" with your blogs?? Sometimes it can be a total life saver! Anyway, I wanted to tell you that I think it's SO SWEET that you all run errands together as a family! Go you!

  3. what a great mama you are....... I love that you are raising your kids up and using those moments to really teach them something. AMAZING.

    and I love your pictures here! You have picture taking skills! gorgeous!




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