Weekend Run-around


This weekend was spent savoring every moment together as a family. It was beautiful.  Our family seems to do things a little differently then others. We run errands all together. Grocery shopping, going to the bank, Dr's appointments even. Yes, it would be much easier for either Jeremy or I to stay home while the other runs out. Yes, it would probably cut the time it takes in half or more, but that would mean time spent apart. Someone would be missing out on something. So whenever possible, we go together.

This weekend we went to Costco. Went out to eat. Walked on Whyte Ave. Napped. Went swimming. Watched movies. Went to Ikea. Lowes. Walmart. Superstore. Went to a halloween carnival at the golf course my Step Dad lives at golfs at. Rode on golf carts. Played. Laughed. Had time outs. Sleepless nights. Took LOTS of pictures..

I did dress the kids up I promise. Houston had a little puppy jacket that I never actually put on him, but I did bring it along. Sienna was a cowgirl which I think you can see. Coen wanted to be a skateboarding superhero. It is hard to tell considering he took off his cape and didn't carry his skateboard around. We tried.
We had a great weekend. My husband is back to work tomorrow after his time off. It has been nice having him around all the time, but it will also be nice to get back into routine. Maybe we will sleep sometime soon? That would be nice!


Sienna prayed yesterday, "Dear Jesus, please can I have a loose tooth and a baby girl. Amen."
I love her..


  1. Loose teeth are cheaper than baby girls. Carrington prayed for a hamster, a yoyo and a baby sister. She never did get the rodent.

  2. Dear Jesus,
    I pray that Sienna would get a baby sister.


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