Bobo, our monkey


Meet Bobo

He has been around for a long time. Since Sienna was around 9 months old actually. We found this little monkey when we took a family trip to the mountains. I think my husband and I are just as fond of him as Sienna. When she went through a short phase where she preferred another stuffed monkey over Bobo we panicked. We totally forced Bobo back into his #1 position and the other monkey mysteriously disappeared..

Well, last weekend when we took our day trip to Calgary we of course brought Bobo with along for the ride. He waited in the van while we went to church there. When we went out for lunch with some Calgarian friends Sienna made sure to bring Bobo in for some Vietnamese food! We had such a nice visit and were caught up in conversation even as we left the restaurant.

We were probably 30 minutes away from home (about 2-1/2 hours away from our starting point) when Sienna piped up from the back seat asking where her beloved monkey was. As soon as she said it, I knew. We left him behind!! I had seen him on the ground under Sienna's chair at the restaurant and never thought to pick him up thinking Sienna would be sure to remember.

As soon as we walked into our house Jeremy text our friends we had lunch with, and he agreed to check if Bobo was still to be found where we had left him. Such a weight was lifted the next day when we heard that Bobo was safe with our friend. We asked if they could mail him to us, but little did we know that we would be blessed beyond belief with what arrived a few days later!

I wish I would've gotten a picture of the box. It was adressed to Sienna and she was so thrilled! I remember how exciting it was when I was young to receive my very own mail!

We opened the box and there was our special Bobo. Sienna was gleaming!

Coen was pretty excited for his sister!

But there was more.. A letter from our friends..
As I read it aloud to the kids their excitement was tangible. Their enthusiasm even made me giddy!

I am not sure why, but I was so close to crying while reading this. The thoughtfulness of our friends combined with the joy on my children's faces was almost too much for me! 
I think this was the kids' favorite part..

 Sienna is glad to have her buddy back. So are we. He is one special monkey. We will have to keep a closer eye on him..

What a great memory..


  1. Oh, Brandy, you are so good at this! I LOVED this story and pictures! Karyn

  2. SAME!!! Love Anna

  3. I almost cried reading the letter! So precious. You are a fantastic blogger! :)



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