Old and cranky pictures..


I was going through some pictures from a few months ago when I first got my DSLR. I had walked out behind our church to take a few pictures and play around with the settings on my camera to try and see what did what. Seriously, this is such a great place to take pictures. It is also where I took my sunset pictures that I posted last week. These are some of my favorite few first shots..


Last Friday on our weekend run-around we had gone to take some pictures of the kids at a popular spot in the city hoping to get a shot for our Christmas card. I haven't taken a picture of the 3 of them together for so long because it is so hard to get them all dressed and looking decent at one time! Houston mostly wanders through his days in his pj's. But we got them semi-coordinated and headed out. It turned out to be a disaster! It was too dark by the time we got there, the tree I wanted to take pictures at that still had a ton of beautiful red leaves had 3 or 4 homeless people living under it, it was cold, and Sienna was m-i-s-e-r-a-b-l-e (ok, I was too).. I took a few shots and then gave up, packed the kids in the van, and came home. Here are the few shots I could salvage..

I thought this one could work for our Christmas card. Pretty cute hey?

Happy Wednesday everyone! Thanks so much again to all of you who have been faithfully checking in here! Totally blessed!


  1. You make me wish I was a photographer! (Karyn)

  2. I love all your photos Brandy! especially the last one of the kids!



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