Go bananas


Houston, we have a problem.

This kids is so cute lately. He has always been cute I mean, but lately he has been edibly cute!

definition - 1. Rarely used adverbial inflection of the adjective edible

Why is this such a problem? Because I fear his ability to get anything he wants because of his cuteness may ruin him. Seriously, all he has to do is just flash a little grin or pout his little lip and I am at his beckon call. It's bad. Even my husband is worried. I need to pull up my mommy pants and get a little tougher or this boy is going to think he owns the world...


He loves him some Fresh Beat Band
Don't know who that is? Go watch this..They really do make me go bananas!

 Hello, world.. Look out!!


Happy 2nd birthday to my sweet niece Ailey!


  1. His rolls!!! So happy he still has them!

  2. he is adorable lol good luck with him not running your world HA. I'm a little worried my baby boy is getting spoiled.. by non other than.. me. hmm



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