Winter's Welcome?


Yep, I'm guilty.. I skipped favorite fridays. I promise I'll get back in the saddle next week.

This is how I feel about fall ending..

I am going to miss the beautiful colors, the crisp leaves, and the temperature not forcing me to stay indoors. Today was the first day that I walked outside and saw a white cloud form as I let out a breath. It was the first day I realized I should have put hats on the all of the kids. Winter is here. I can even smell it in the air. Today was cold. And so begins my life filled with bundling up 3 kids in their winter coats and boots before leaving the house, along with their mittens and toques. Oh, what life would be like living somewhere warm. I love the simplicity of just being able to grab your kids and head out the door without a 15-minute process to prepare them for the 30 seconds of dreadful cold to get from the house to the vehicle. 

Ok, that's enough whining from me. I am going to try and embrace winter this year. I really really really dislike it, but I am really going to try. Do any of you enjoy winter? Please, fill me in on any of it's redeeming qualities if any actually exist..


  1. Christmas happens in winter and a new baby will be born in winter. 2 great reasons.

  2. winter brings a new season and new things to do! sledding, snow ball fights, bundling up, feeling cozy and warm inside by a fire. all these things wouldnt be possible if it was ALWAYS summer! annd you would get bored because there would only be slight change. this is how i see it at least :)

  3. Well I have got to agree with you on this one Jane! When I had the chance to skip one of or winters by going to Australia for it I was loving life. However you do realize some good things about winter. Like Christmas, it just wasn't the same without snow outside and being so cozy inside, it forces you to spend time inside with people rather than just taking off whenever you feel like it! Also there is nothing like the feeling of crawling into a warm bed when everything everywhere else seems so harsh and cold, being crushed under the weight of seemingly thousands of blankets and feeling so nice and warm...but then you have to get up in the morning and crawl out of that fortress of heat into the cold hard world. So ya winter has its good things but not many! Things that can make winter better are snowmobiles warm drinks company and the purity of nature! Guarantee that you will be driving along this winter and look over and see the most beautiful hoar frost and take tonnes of pictures! They are great! And rosy cheeks are always great for pictures too!

  4. I really enjoy being WARM! So I'm in the same boat. But I am excited to get some beautiful photos out of the whole thing ;)



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