3 weeks today! (oh Dear)


Dear Husband. 3 weeks. We move in 3 weeks. Just saying.
Dear House. You've returned to your pre-showing-ready state. I'm ok with that. Our home is lived in and it should look that way.
Dear Mom. Sorry I accidentally put your phone number down for those kijiji adds so you had random people calling your house asking to buy your stuff. I fixed it, don't worry.
Dear Coen. You know better than to color all over your toys and your legs with marker. Don't think your little smirk will get you out of trouble every time. It might have worked this time but it won't the next time, hopefully.
Dear Girls' Small Group. Thanks for letting me come speak and hang out with you last night. I was totally blessed. Beautiful people you all are. Inside and out.
Dear Blog Friends/Readers. I love ya'll. A lot.
Dear Jesus. I am so blown away by your faithfulness. You've blessed us with so much. I pray that we will use all you have given us to be a blessing to others.



  1. I love your letters! Praying for a smooth and uneventful move :)


  2. I hope your move goes well! PS: Your blog readers love you a lot too! :)

  3. Moving! What an adventure, we'll be doing so soon as well. Yippee!!



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