My son is a thief..


I'm not sure where to even begin with this story.. Lets start here..

This is my coffee table. I love my coffee table. {my love for my coffee table is irrelevant to the story, 
but you can check out the link if you want to read more about this beauty..}

See these little spaces in the table...

Well, my little Houston finds much enjoyment out of shoving things down into the table and then screaming until someone fishes the item out for him.

The day before yesterday we were missing our remote control for our television. I had searched everywhere. Why do remotes always go missing?  I swear those things wander on there own. Anyways, when my husband came home he joined in the search. He looked into the sides of our coffee table, a place I never thought to check, and he found something. No, it wasn't the remote. It was ALL of my cards!!!! All of my cards that I thought were stolen {story here}. All of my cards that I spent hours and hours getting replaced! I'm not sure how it all happened, but somehow Houston must have gotten a hold of my wallet and dumped all of them out. However it happened, they have all been found. I'm glad some guy named Bob won't be slapping on a wig and trying to take out a cell phone plan under my name. Phew!

I could say we went through all of the hassle for nothing.. Or, perhaps this all took place so I could be reminded of what a wonderful person my husband is. So I could be reminded of GRACE. I am still so grateful for the lessons I have learned from this crazy/funny situation! There is nothing I can do really but laugh about it!

BTW, We still haven't found our remote control...


  1. Oh MY GOSH, I am sorry BUT THIS IS AWESOME! Maybe you don't want to hear that, I'm so sorry about your beloved coffee table, hahah but he's THE CUTEST LITTLE GUY EVER, I CAN'T TAKE IT!!!!
    Super fun post!! I'm glad you shared! Your blog is incredible!

  2. I love your coffee table too! Speaking of coffee...we really do need to do coffee!

    Christa :)

  3. I'm sorry, but that's really funny! Aimee told me about how you got all your cards stolen out of the van. It kind of is one of those things you can do nothing but laugh about! It will make a great story for when the kids are older! ;)



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