{unlocked} grace..


I have a really bad habit of leaving my vehicle unlocked. 

The other day my husband said to me that he had locked my van door for me. I was totally snarly and replied, "actually, I leave it unlocked on purpose because I am always the one who has to put all 3 kids in the van by myself, and the last thing I need to be doing is digging in my pocket for keys.."

Yesterday, I had left my wallet in my van, and yes, left the doors unlocked. Well, when I went to use something out of my wallet later, guess what? ALL of my cards were missing. ALL. Credit card, debit card, driver's license, birth certificate, health cards. Everything. Am I at risk for identity theft or what!

The amazing part of this story though is this.. My husband had every right to say "I told you so." Every right. But did he? No.. He didn't get upset. Not at all. As soon as I told him he just made the phone calls to the bank that needed to be made, and he found out exactly what I needed to do to cover all my bases. He left work to go and look around where the van had been to see if anything was left behind. He came with me to the police station and registry even though he had a lot that he needed to get done. He did not spout one word about it all being my fault {which it totally was!} He was so full of grace for my neglectfulness. How amazing is that?

So, I have learnt my lesson(s).. I will not leave my vehicle unlocked anymore.. I will not be snarly to my husband when he is just trying to remind me to do something I should be doing... I will show grace to others when they make mistakes even if they had been warned prior... GRACE... Awesome...

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  1. Man, that is THE worst!! ... but what a blessing to have a husband who didn't take the [perfect] opportunity to rub it in your face! What a guy! You are blessed indeed! =) Hope everything works out and you don't have any future issues because of the situation. Something sorta similar happened to my husband and I the other day... except, we didn't get robbed...(thank God).. he left his keys in the keyhole outside of our front door for the entire night.. and couldn't find em in the morning before work. So we pretty much both went crazy looking for them and I happened to say "It would be crazy if you left them in the keyhole.." just as he opened the front door and found them there. NOT a good feeling...and I could totally tell he felt horrible... so I made the immediate decision to not tell him "I told you so" (like I have a bad habit of doing)...anyway, this is a super long comment.. I think I should stop now. haha. Love your blog!

  2. Wow. that is amazing. I'm impressed.

  3. what a great husband! so sorry your stuff was stolen! i hope you're able to get control of things before your identity is compromised.

  4. Am I hormonal or what?! Because your post totally made me cry!!! 1. Because I think I would be a mess if all my cards got stolen, and 2. Because Jer is such an amazing husband and you two are so great together... you balance each other out, and 3. Your posts bless my heart everyday.... as well as your AMAZING photography... Thank you friend for your thoughts and willingness to share! Love you! - Britt Morse

  5. I just read your post about where you found your cards and then read this one! Man, you have a sweet husband. My husband would've done all the stuff yours did but would've been snarky and attitudey (Yeah I use that word a lot haha) about it!



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