Homey Fridays?


Everyone, this is my coffee table. I am slightly obsessed with it. Yes, it is a little hazardous for the children. Yes, they may one day need a tetanus shot because of it. Still, I am obsessed with it. Isn't it stunning?

Here is the story behind this magnificent creation. My awesome husband saw these pallets in the alley behind his work. Being the smart man he is he brought them home, screwed them together, and put some legs on it. Total cost was $17 for the legs. Worth E V E R Y penny. It is beat up, dirty, and chipped, but that is what makes it beautiful..

There are all kinds of amazing things you can do with pallets. Seriously, just search 'pallets' on pinterest.
I am equally obsessed with these..

{on sale here}

So here is the quick story behind this blogs title.. Early this year when the idea of starting a blog came into my head I had originally thought I would start a design blog rather than a lifestyle blog. My husband and I have majorly renovated 2 homes, and I really enjoyed the design aspect of it all. I am not even close to being an expert on any of it, but I like what I like and I think it is fun to see new ideas. In the end, I decided against a design centered blog but I thought I could devote Fridays' posts to stuff along those line. This is where I need help.. I can not for the life of me think of something good to call it. Homie Homey Fridays is awful. Please chime in..

Have an awesome weekend friends.. I have survived my first full week in blog land!


  1. "Fridays at Home" ?? Love this by the way!

  2. Awesome creation!! Love it!!

    Christa M.

  3. I wonder what the weight restriction is on these chairs? They must be for decor only. I can't imagine anyone from my family sitting on one of those and ... staying up!!!!

  4. Haha, I don't know Isabelle. They look pretty though even if they're not that functional!
    Thanks all!

  5. I love the coffee table!!



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