Dear Friday


Dear Friday. Really? Already? I know I keep talking about time flying, but I feel like we were just here. You have a busy day in store for me. Please go smoothly.
Dear Me. Keep better track of your stuff so you don't think someone stole something when it was actually just your 1 year old. Oh, and you should really learn how to cook already..
Dear Husband. I know we spent time together this week, but because of our sleep-deprived status it felt like this week didn't really happen. Lets spend more time together, k?
Dear Sienna. I am so proud of how well you did in the Christmas production. Where did you learn to perform like that? You are one special little girl.
Dear Coen. I am equally proud of you. Thanks for not crying and running off the stage. That could've happened. Instead you did a wonderful job trying to sing your songs. Go buddy!
Dear Family. Thanks so much to everyone who came out too see the kids' Christmas show. They are immensely blessed to be so loved.
Dear Houston. We talked about this last week. SLEEEEP. That is all..
Dear Christmas Tree. Sorry we are so late putting you up this year. We will try and get to you this weekend. By the way, we will only be decorating your top half this year. Otherwise Houston will just frustrate you by tearing everything off your branches.
Dear Winter. Thanks for being so kind to us thus far. I do fear, however, that you are going to make us pay for this mild weather in the not-so-distant future. I would ask that you refrain from bringing us too many days of -40 and multiple feet of snow. I think we had our fair share last year. Thanks for considering my request.

 Brandy Jane Mabel



Have a wild weekend!


  1. OH MY! I LOVE that picture...that just made my day...seriously!! hahaha.

  2. Oh cute is he!? And don't you just love when the kids are at their true awesomeness in school productions? Yay Kiddies!

  3. He's just the cutest little guy, nothing new to your ears there, ! You have a great weekend too, and thanks for sharing these adorable pics!

  4. That picture is precious!



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