Little Stars..


These sweet kids had their Christmas production at church last week. I am one proud momma..

Sienna walked out on the stage completely confident! She loves performing, and we had practiced the songs together so she was well prepared!

This next picture pretty well epitomizes the intensity she had while on the stage. She was SO into it! She sang every word with all of her might, and she almost knocked all of the other kids off the stage with her BIG actions!

During one song she was the only one doing actions. I'm not sure if they had practiced any as a group or she just decided they were needed :)

Coen was perfect! All of the little ones were! The best part of these productions is when the 2 and 3 year olds come out. They don't remember the words to their songs, but it doesn't matter. Their reaction is overwhelmingly precious.

It was such a special night! Great memories!


This weekend was jam packed with activity. I even did my first real photo shoot for my sister and her family. I have tons of editing to do, but I am so happy with how they turned out! I will share some soon! Praying you all had a great weekend!

I leave you with this.. My sweet nephew Wyatt!


  1. Love the performance techniques. HOw fun is that! Adorable new nephew. Wyatt.... love that name.

  2. Haha I love how absolutely enthusiastic she looks! She might grow into a major performer ;)



  3. HOW adorable! Cuties! I bet they did great, thank you for sharing that with us!

  4. Hi! Someone recommended your blog to me yesterday so I guess I am your newest follower :) Loving it so far! I saw this production and could not stop laughing at how adorable your daughter was. She was so cute! My daughter is in your sons class (she is the one in blue holding onto the mic the whole time) You have adorable children. Looking forward to reading the rest of your posts and maybe running into you at church one Sunday.



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