Glad to be his wife..


8 years ago today, I married this man.

We've been on adventures, walked though trials.
We have been broke and been blessed.

We have grown, we have fought.
Most importantly, we have forgiven.

All while falling more in love.
I'm so thankful he picked me.
I am so thankful God picked US, together.
Marriage is beautiful.


  1. You guys are awesome, blessed to know y'all

  2. First, can I just say how awesome it is that I have my husband saying "y'all"?!
    LOVE the pictures, we do love y'all. Happy Anniversary-you're a great couple and a special family!

  3. Congrats to you on 8 years. You have a gorgeous family.

  4. Happy Anniversary! Super sweet tribute post, you worded it so well, "we've been blessed, we've been broken"....

    thanks for sharing!

  5. Happy Anniversary!
    i love your sweet post.
    we've been broken and blessed in our marriage too.
    marriage IS beautiful.
    love is the greatest gift.

  6. 1. i will be emailing you back
    2. i love your blog
    3. that first pic of you two is smokin'!

    you are beautiful!!! and happy anniversary!

  7. what a beautiful family you are!! x



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