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I wrote the other day about the Lord changing me.. What is he working out in me? Joy. His Joy. Not a joy that can be given by earthly hands, taken away, or swayed. His everlasting, unshakeable, unmovable joy!

My husband preached a message at church a few weeks ago and it spoke straight to me. We have experienced time and time again the Lord teaching us through the sermons He gives my husband to preach, but this time it went much deeper for me. As my husband spoke his message titled "Joy, joy, joy, joy, joy, joy, joy", as I examined my heart, I knew I was missing this immovable Joy. The Lord came and uncovered this deep place in me that He had so been longing to inhabit.

As I have begun my quest for Joy it has become apparent that one thing holding me back is pride. My need for control, my desire to have my say. Pure, ugly pride. Pride I didn't even realize remained buried deep in my heart. I have begun to dig it out. Searching for every corner of it so I can be sure that none of it is missed. I dig with these words..

Thy will be done..

Thy will be done..

The most freeing statement ever made. In all circumstances.. Thy will be done. I am finding such joy, true joy, His joy by placing myself fully in my Father's will. Every time I say those precious words.. Thy will be done.. pride is crushed, I am free! Thy will be done.. Worry is dissipated and trust arises in its place. Thy will be done.. My steps are placed by the One who sees the path ahead!

"Rejoice in the Lord Always."
The Joy that is found in Jesus can and should be present in spite of our circumstances. But, just because no one is able to take, steal, or rob you of this joy it does not mean that you will never have to contend for this Joy to be active in your life!

I am contending for joy! Contend as well if you must. His promises are too great to not. Who doesn't want this Joy, His joy?

You can go HERE to listen to my husbands message. 
Just click on the sermon titled "Joy, joy, joy, joy, joy, joy, joy"


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