Create in me a new heart..


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Deep in thought.. It's where I've been lately. I feel like the Lord is changing me (isn't He always). Changing the deepest places of my heart. It is sad that at times we don't even notice the areas of our heart that have been neglected, covered in dust and cobwebs. Until the Lord comes, gently blowing away the layers of oversight. Bringing light to the places of the heart that are cold and lifeless. Painful at times, yes. But, Thy will be done.. 


  1. Right there with you, my friend. Hugs & prayers & love.

  2. you're so right. i totally depend on the Lord to show me where i need to change. and it's difficult sometimes, but so glad He steps in to do so.

  3. your sweet words have made tears fill my eyes....perhaps whispers at cobwebs here too! xxxx



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