"a portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013."

 photo 14521of3.jpg  photo 14523of3.jpg  photo 14522of3.jpg
Sienna: Eating crackers to ease un upset stomach.
Coen: I am having to remind him less and less to put his dishes near the sink. It is so nice to see him take on responsibility in little ways.
Houston: His kisses are the best. He puckers up so big!

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Loving these shots from last weeks' Project 52!


  1. love the little on the middle shot.
    your kiddos are so cute!

  2. Wow beautiful photos, is the top one from film? It just has that warmth to it. Very glad I found your blog xx

    1. I wish it was film, but it is just an edit.. I would like to play around with film one day though!
      Glad you stumbled here! Hopping over to check out your space :)

  3. I agree with Ruby there is such a warmth in the first one (and have glad to found your blog). This is so lovely. I included a link to these three in my blog love list for this this week (15/52.) I love these. xxoo
    PS & I wonder, what camera DO you use? xo

    1. Thanks so much! I shoot with a Nikon D800.. I found your blog a few weeks ago through the link up and have enjoyed following along with your project as well!

      Brandy Jane Mabel



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