Not so terrible twos..


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This boy.. My littlest little. I always say he was supposed to be my 'easy child'.. My older 2 were always loud, active, and very outgoing, so I figured chances were he would be the one who was quiet and soft spoken. He, however, is not those things. Not even close. He is also loud and active, and I would even say stronger willed than his older siblings. Unlike the other two though, he is not as outgoing. He's not 'shy' necessarily, but he sticks to my side quite faithfully.. I am not complaining. He's my buddy. While I don't like the term 'terrible twos', we have been going through a season where I can't quite figure out whats going on in my little ones mind. We are working on it.. Slowing things down when he gets upset, trying to help him communicate what he needs. Every child is so different. It is amazing really. You would think by my 3rd I'd have more figured out, but I don't. I am leaning on God's grace for strength and wisdom to carry me through these days. These precious fleeting days..


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