Shave and a Haircut..


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One day I got tired of paying for haircuts for the kids. Especially the boys because their hair grows so quickly. So, I decided I could do it. It seemed simple enough. We bought our own clippers from Costco for $40. I can honestly say it was one of the best investments we have ever made! I can't even think of how much money it has saved us over the past year and half. My husband is actually the one who does a better job at cutting the boys hair. I cut Sienna's hair last night as well. 5 inches gone. I actually really like it even though I was a nervous wreck the whole time! It was so late by the time we finished all of our haircuts so the after pictures will have to wait!

If you have boys and think you could never cut their hair I urge you to reconsider! Clippers can make it super simple and you don't have to end up with your typical 'boy' cut. When we want to take their hair pretty short we use a longer guard on the top (usually an 8) and then a shorter guard on the sides (around a 3). It creates really good texture and dimension, and is almost fool proof. Really, try it!!



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