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We had Family Day long weekend here in Alberta. I appreciate the fact that we have this holiday solely for the purpose of family. It is something that is not given as much value as it once had. We took advantage of the extra day off and headed up to Cold Lake which is about 3 hours away from where we are. My brother in law and his family moved up there last year, so it was nice to get all the cousins together again! The snowy drive was worth every minute.. I didn't take out my camera at all once we were there. I wanted to just be. Be present. Enjoy the activity around me. While we made plans to take in some family day activities we opted out for staying in. Well, the adults stayed in and watched as the kids played in the snow just outside. I appreciate that children don't require much to make them happy. Simply by being together they are able to create fun and memories that will last a lifetime!


  1. I think we need a "family day" holiday here in the states. You are right there needs to be more value in family.
    beautiful pictures.



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