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Dear Houston: It breaks my heart seeing you so sick (he has pneumonia). I am glad we caught it early, and we are believing for a quick recovery. I am trying to be extra patient since I know you need more of my attention to help you feel better. I will continue to sit and watch Barney with you even though the dinosaur drives me crazy. Snuggling with you makes it worth it.
Dear Coen: Someone pointed out to me that I exluded you in my letter's last week. This was not intentional. Please don't take on that 'middle child' complex. 
Dear Palm Springs: 6 days. 6 more days and we are off to your wonderfulness. I would appreciate if you would grant my request for a weeks worth of sunny skies. Thanks in advance.
Dear Blog: While I sometimes feel as though my life seems simple and unexciting, I am so glad to have a place to document it. Fleeting moments captured.
Dear Life: While all my attention these days seems to be needed by my 3 little blessings, I know variety will come in its time. These little lives need me. My time, love, and attention. I am so fulfilled serving them, teaching them the way they should go.

I pray you all have a wonderful weekend! I wonder if I will get to leave my house? It's been a while since that has happened!

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  1. Hope your little one feels better soon and that you get to leave your house!

  2. Just found your blog today! You have an amazing looking blog and the most amazing pictures. You have got some true talent. Hope your son feels better! Blessings!

  3. oh hope your little one feels better, so good you all were able to catch it early! and of course mommy's cuddles will make the recovery that much faster. :) i sometimes feel my blog has nothing exciting either, but i have to remember it's my life i'm documenting especially for my kiddos. have a great weekend!



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